Great Hostess Gift Ideas and Gift Giving Etiquette

With the holidays fast approaching, have you started looking for great hostess gift ideas?  You want to stock up and be prepared for those last minute party invites!  I thought I would share a few ideas that I found for inspiration for you hostess gift shopping! Before I get to the cool gift ideas I came up with, how about we discuss a bit of hostess gift etiquette first! And buying hostess gifts early is just one way to prepare for holiday parties.  Check out my post on how to get ready for Christmas for more … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Right Music For Your Party

This post about how to choose the right music for your party has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own. A few years ago, my husband and I had an Oktoberfest party.  We served German food and put together a nice collection of German music to liven up the atmosphere.  It was quite a nice event and he has been saying lately that he wants to do it again soon. It's always nice to have friends over for food and fun, even if I don't always like cleaning up afterwards!  And if you are an audiophile planning the perfect party playlist, consider … [Read more...]

How to Nurture Creativity in Teens

This post about how to nurture creativity in teens has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. When my children were younger, nurturing creativity was easy.  Our art closet was stocked with every type of art supply you could image.  Along with odds and ends like egg crates, fabric scraps and empty yogurt cups.  They had free reign when it came to glue and glitter and it was a glorious mess that inspired creative … [Read more...]

Gifts For Techies That You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself!

Do you know someone who loves technology gifts?  Have a friend who is always plugged in?  Since I have teens who are addicted to their electronic gadgets, I am keeping my eyes out for great gifts for techies that they may enjoy! While my teens may be plugged in way too much, my whole family is really addicted to technology. I am a simple sort of girl...I don't have 30 pairs of shoes or an entire drawer full of makeup. My wardrobe includes one purse and I use it until it can't go another mile.  However,I am a HUGE fan of all things related to … [Read more...]

Family Meals Made Easier with Boston Market

This post about family meals is sponsored by on behalf of Boston Market.  All opinions are my own. Would you believe that school started exactly one month ago for my kids?  Seems crazy that those lazy days of summer passed so quickly!  Family meals are easier when school is out.  Life, in general, is slower and more relaxed.  Now that school is back in session, so are after school activities.  Add in homework and chores and life has gotten chaotic once again.  Thankfully, Boston Market has stepped up and made family meals a … [Read more...]

Simple Patriotic Party Ideas to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue!

This post about patriotic party ideas has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own. Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial, Labor Day, Veteran's Day or any other patriotic holiday, having a party is always a fun way to enjoy it.  If you are looking for patriotic party ideas, they don't have to be complicated or expensive.  A dash of red, white and blue along with some food and a few crafts for the kids is all you really need. Sure, amazing fireworks and giant flags are nice but you don't really need them to get the point … [Read more...]

Learning Photography Basics Without Spending a Fortune

This post about learning photography basics has been sponsored by Best Buy.  All opinions are my own. When I started blogging about 8 years ago, my photography skills were pitiful.  I was only using my cell phone. and knew nothing about lighting, staging, or creating a visually appealing display.  Over the years, I like to think I have improved quite a bit. Of course,  I still have a ways to go!  Learning photography basics hasn't been easy and I spent a lot of money on a photography class to try and help.  However, now that Best Buy has … [Read more...]

A Delicious Peek at the Seasonal Fogo de Chão Menu

I was provided a meal at no charge in exchange for sharing this post about the Fogo de Chao menu.  All opinions are my own. When my husband and I moved to the Atlanta area 15 years ago, one of the things we fell in love with was the wide variety of restaurants and food experiences to choose from.  From Cajun cuisine to delicious Thai food, I have come to love many different flavors in my food.  One place my husband and I  have been wanting to try for years is Fogo de Chao and I am so excited  to have finally gotten the chance this past … [Read more...]

How to Make Your iPad Run Faster (a guide for the NON techie person!)

Tired of waiting for apps to load and wondering how to make your iPad run faster?  I am in the same boat. Mine is an iPad 2 and am desperately trying to figure out how to make my old iPad faster.  I live on my the point where I can feel the heart palpitations starting when I cannot locate it.  It is synced up to 7 email accounts.  It also holds 5 years worth of eBooks that I may never read again but don't want to lose.  However, my beloved iPad is starting to show it's age.  I find myself getting more and more frustrated with it's … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Chicken Cookbook Lets You Dominate Dinner in Style!

I am a passionate foodie and have a rather impressive collection of cookbooks on my shelves.  Never have I found one that makes me laugh out loud until I bought 50 Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook.  Seriously, this chicken cookbook is a unique balance of humor and actual food porn that is both sensual and disturbing all at the same time.  Know someone who loves food?  Have a friend who was a little TOO excited about the 50 Shades of Grey movies?  Think your husband will get a kick out of dominating dinner? … [Read more...]