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When I was growing up in New England, winter meant snow, fuzzy boots, days off from school and snowball fights with my friends.  I always loved winter as a kid as long as my dad wasn’t making my sister and I shovel out the driveway!  Of course, even the dreaded snow shoveling meant hot cups of cocoa with marshmallows to warm  up with afterwards.  There is nothing better than a warm cup of cocoa to take the chill off when you are done shoveling!  After college, I moved to Texas and then on to Georgia.  While there are a few things I enjoy about living in the south, I desperately long to be back up north. I want my children to have those same snow day memories that I had growing up.  While we don’t get snow very often here in Georgia, a few years ago we got a serious winter storm that dropped about 6 inches of snow on our normally snow-less city!  Oh the memories we made that day!

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Since snow is about a once every 3 or 4 year occurrence down here I made sure I took tons of photos and videos of that day. Flipping through pictures and movies with your kids is a great way to spend time together.  My kids love looking back on days past and remember fun time with family and friends.  Home videos make great holiday gifts as well.  There is nothing grandparents love more than to sit down and watch their grandkids laugh and grow through home videos.


YesVideo Holiday Memories

Video memories on DVD make unique and special gifts for friends & family. Transferring your old VHS tapes to DVD will help you preserve those memories so you can watch them year after year.  The Holiday season is YesVideo’s busiest time of the year, so please do not wait until last minute to bring your tapes, reels and photos to be processed.  To ensure your Holiday DVD gifts will be ready in time, you must submit your order at Sam’s Club Photo by December 2, 2013. Here is what you need to know in order to get your videos transferred at Sam’s  Club:

  • Important:  Include an email address on the order form in order to receive online viewing access. Without an email address you only get a DVD without online sharing!
  • Get 25% off your entire order thru November 30, 2013 (no coupon required).
  • If you have Sam’s Club DVD transfer questions, call customer service at 1-877-571-3774
  • Be sure to follow YesVideo on Twitter and Facebook for the newest promotions and deals!

YesVideo also has an iPhone and iPad app so you can watch your home movies on the go or share with family and friends.  You can get the iOS 7 app here:

Follow the Hashtag  #RememberWhen for more information about YesVideo’s holiday campaign!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time on sharing the YesVideo holiday deadlines.  All opinions and family memories are 100% my own.

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the info, it wold make a great gift for my folks! Mitch
  2. What a great way to preserve memories!
  3. That's great! I have a lot of old videos I'd love to do this with!
  4. My mom did this for us one year for Christmas! It's still one of my most cherished gifts.
  5. This is a great gift idea!
  6. What a sweet gift idea! I have STACKS of videos.

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