Tips for Solving Teenage Sleep Problems

Most teens don't get enough sleep.  They are often over scheduled, stressed out, and too plugged in to electronics. As a result, adolescent sleep disorders are on the rise. If you have  teens who have trouble sleeping, you are certainly not alone.  Here are a few tips to get your sleep deprived teenager to sleep better. Should my teenager have a bedtime? The question of teenage bed times is a tricky one.  Teens need to become independent and learn to make their own choices in life.  However, they are also known … [Read more...]

Child leaving for college? Do These 3 Things Before They Go!

Do you have a child leaving for college?  My oldest will be a Sophomore this year and we learned a lot about the process last year.  I have been leaving college advice for parents on my personal Facebook page and thought maybe I should share it with my blog community as well.  Hopefully, these tips about what to do before your teen leaves for college will help make your life a tad bit easier this year!  Child Leaving for College?  Do These Things NOW: A child leaving for college is a big deal.  Last year was … [Read more...]

College Student Safety Tips and Protecting Against Campus Crime

This post about college student safety tips is sponsored by SipChip.  All opinions are my own.   Last year, my son went off to college and in one year, my daughter will head there, too. This fleeing of the nest is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  In my eyes, they are babies, however, in reality they are almost adults.  We had a LOT of conversations about how to succeed in college academically and how to stay safe on campus as well.  From protecting personal possessions in your dorm to protecting … [Read more...]

Tips for Raising a Well Rounded Teenager

As my children move into high school and we start thinking more and more about college, I find myself worrying about raising a well rounded teenager.  Academics have never been a problem for my kids.  I am incredibly lucky that both my children were accepted into the gifted program early on in elementary school and good grades come fairly easily for them.  But, raising a well rounded child is about so much more than grades! How Do You Become A Well Rounded Teenager? As my kids get older,  the schools are starting to … [Read more...]

How to Talk to Teens About Underage Drinking

Parenting teenagers is hard work.  You have to find a balance between being their parent and having them not hate you.  Figuring out how to talk to teens about underage drinking is tough.  However, it is one aspect of parenting teens that may very well save their life.  Parenting Teens is Tough But We'll Survive! Children are naturally inquisitive creatures.  They ask an assortment of questions ranging from 'why is the sky blue' to 'why do farts smell'.  Yes, I have a boy.....I'm not sure girls ask as many … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Kid Ready for College Without Losing Your Mind

This post about how to get your your kid ready for college is sponsored by Artis.  All opinions expressed here are my own.    Last year, my son started the college application process.  To be honest,  it was utter chaos.  My husband and I were completely clueless as to how to help him get into college. And navigating the college admissions process was terrifying.  In fact, while he was applying to colleges, we realized something important.  There were things that he SHOULD have done as early as Freshman … [Read more...]

Tips for Encouraging a Positive Body Image in Girls

Encouraging a positive body image in girls can be challenging.  You are fighting against female stereotypes and unrealistic body image ideas from the media.  Teenage girls are more concerned with what their peers think than what YOU tell them is real. How do you promote a positive body image? I thought I would share a few tips to encourage parents to discuss the topic of healthy body image with their daughters.   What Influences Body Image? You might be surprised at what influences body image ideas in your … [Read more...]

Easy Shaving Tips for Teenage Boys

This post about easy shaving tips for teenage boys has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own. he reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product. I am the proud mom of one teenage boy.  If you have sons, you will probably understand the unique challenges that come with raising these testosterone fueled creatures.  One of the joys of raising boys is teaching your son to shave.  This is not just a one day projects.  In fact, I think we have been giving him shaving … [Read more...]

Raising Teenagers and the Art of Compromise

Raising teenagers is incredibly challenging.  It is both a joy and a struggle on a daily basis.  You must find a balance between loving the heck out of them and navigating a minefield. Learning the art of compromise will help ease your parenting problems as you raise teenagers in a complicated society.  I thought I would share a few things I have learned over the years of parenting teenagers in my own home.  Raising Teenagers and the Art of Compromise When my children were little, I had complete control over their … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Teens: How Parents Can Help

This post about mental health and teens has been sponsored by BetterHelp.  All opinions are my own.   Parenting teens can be incredibly challenging.  This is a time in their lives when hormones are raging and they have an intense desire to not communicate with their parents.  Academic stress, societal expectations, and interpersonal relationships create challenges in their lives that they NEED to talk about.  How do parents help their teenagers tackle the stress of these chaotic years? And where can teens and … [Read more...]