Jalapeno Cilantro Coleslaw Recipe with Lime Vinaigrette

I received compensation from Alka-Seltzer® to create this Jalapeno Cilantro Coleslaw Recipe with Lime Vinaigrette. All opinions are entirely my own. #MyFoodMoment #CollectiveBias I met my husband years ago, during our starving college days.  We weren't all that picky about the foods we ate. They needed to be cheap, plentiful, and preferably available at 3 AM on delivery.  Fast forward a couple of decades and our taste buds have definitely matured. We have learned to love exotic foods, recipes with plenty of heat, and new flavor twists on old … [Read more...]

Basil and Spinach Salad with Blackberries and Feta

This Basil and Spinach Salad recipe has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreschEats #CollectiveBias Ah, the lazy days of summer have begun and that means I have nothing going on, right?  Oh that is so very, very wrong!  Even thought the kids are out of school, we still have a busy schedule over the summer.  Kids taking summer classes to get ahead in high school, summer tennis camp, and last minute invitations to swim at the pool.  Some days, I have plenty of time for cooking a big … [Read more...]

Easy Zucchini Fritters: A Zucchini Recipe Your Kids Will Eat!

Many years ago, I learned how to make these easy zucchini fritters.  Want to know why?  Because zucchini is cheap in the summer but my family hates it!  Seriously.  They make gaggy noises and scrunch their noses up every time I try to put zucchini on their plates.  I have tried a lot of zucchini recipes over the years and hiding zucchini in some sort of bread product is the only way they will eat it.  During the summer when there is so much zucchini, I make a lot of zucchini bread, muffins, and these easy zucchini fritters.  I figure they are … [Read more...]

How to Roast Fresh Beets for Maximum Flavor

When I was growing up, my mom loved to serve us beets.  Only, she didn't serve us FRESH beets...oh, no.  Our beets came in a can, sliced up and rather unappealing to the teenage eye. You can only imagine the eye-rolling and groaning that ensued every time she told us we were having beets for dinner.   When I moved out on my own, I avoided beets for quite a few years due to the trauma of my early beet exposure. But, one day I came across fresh beets in the grocery store and decided to figure out how to cook them from scratch.  Once I learned how … [Read more...]

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe with Cheddar and Chives

Once of the things southern folks love most is their buttermilk biscuits.  Being a northern girl by birth, I didn't grow up on homemade biscuits.  Nope, we were more of a roll sort of family.  However, the problem with yeast rolls is that they are a heck of a lot of work.  Mix dough, wait a while.  Punch down dough and make roll shapes.  Then wait some more.  Who the heck has that kind of time?  This homemade buttermilk biscuit recipe took me 10 minutes to mix and another 15 minutes to bake.  Seriously...this is the easiest buttermilk biscuit … [Read more...]

Easy Hush puppies Recipe with Corn and Jalapeno

This easy hush puppies recipe is part of an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for P.A.N. Cornmeal. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation When I was growing up in New England,  I rarely ventured into 'ethnic' cuisine.  New England baked beans and pot roast were staples in our house.  Tasty but not exactly exciting.  Occasionally we got wild and crazy and went out for pizza or Chinese Food.  It didn't happen often and my taste buds languished from lack of flavor.  When I … [Read more...]

Onion Ring Salad Recipe with Lemon Herb Vinaigrette #SpringIntoFlavor

This Onion Ring Salad Recipe has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SpringIntoFlavor #CollectiveBias Have you ever opened up a classic French cookbook and checked out some of the recipes in there?  Know what you will find?  A REALLY long list of ingredients.  I am not a huge fan of really long ingredients lists...in my recipes OR in my food! I just don't have time for complicated most days!  Simplicity is my main goal when it comes to getting dinner on the table.  Healthy and natural … [Read more...]

Rosemary and Cheddar Cheese Straws and the Beauty of Puff Pastry!

This post has been sponsored by Pepperidge Farm but all opinions are my own. Everyone has their own unique entertaining style.  Some people choose elegance, fine china and flutes of expensive champagne.  Some people choose takeout and football.  I tend to fall somewhere in between.  I like the food I serve at parties to LOOK elegant and complicated but to be incredibly easy to make!  After my recent experience at the Pepperidge Farm Game Night Party, I have decided that Puff Pastry is definitely my new favorite party food! At the … [Read more...]

Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole Recipe makes a perfect Thanksgiving Sidedish!

There is nothing I love more than potatoes....unless you happen to put bacon and CHEESE on top and then they are even more delicious!  Whether you are talking French fries, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes, I definitely think that any type of spud tastes better if it is cheesy and bacon flavored!  This casserole recipe takes all of my favorite things and puts them into one dish which would make a perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This casserole recipe is definitely not particularly healthy.  Sure, you could … [Read more...]

Loaded Baked Potato Skewers #TopTater

This baked potato recipe has been sponsored by Clever Girls but all opinions expressed are my own. When I was in college and moved off campus my junior year, I decided to skip the dining hall pass and start cooking for myself in our apartment kitchen.  How hard could it be to cook food that tasted better than the institutionalized stuff they served us in the cafeteria, right?  Well, turns out that while I was ABLE to cook delicious food in my own kitchen, I didn't really have the time or the money to get very fancy with my cooking.  I soon … [Read more...]