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 A drive through the typical suburban neighborhood show us perfectly manicured lawns, shiny new minivans and 2.5 children playing happily in the yard.  Perfection, right?  Well, only on the outside.  Suburbia is also filled with financial issues, parenting mistakes, marital problems and a whole bunch of not so perfect stuff.  I am not a perfect mom.  I have been known to feed my children fast food, skip church, swear, gossip about the neighbors and have a second glass of wine just because it has been THAT kind of day.  Suburbia Unwrapped is my place to be honest about my average middle class life.  Because perfection usually hides trouble that no one wants to admit.

I am a professional blogger and nationally certified pharmacy technician on top of my job as full time mom.  I have my bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a minor in Health Management and policy.  With the birth of my first child I left my career in the science field to become a stay at home mom.  Years of playing with Legos and coloring with crayons had me craving a more grown up purpose to my life and I began blogging full time.  Over the years I have had to deal with emotional tweens, suburban politics, and middle aged metabolism. Suburbia Unwrapped is my way of sharing my own opinions and experiences in an honest and down to earth fashion.  Perfection might be pretty but it is nowhere near as much fun as reality!


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