About Me

A drive through the typical suburban neighborhood show perfectly manicured lawns, shiny new minivans, and 2.5 children playing happily in the yard.  Perfection, right?  Well, only on the outside.  Suburbia is also filled with financial issues, parenting mistakes, marital problems and a whole bunch of not so perfect stuff. 

I am not a perfect mom.  I have been known to feed my children fast food, swear, gossip about the neighbors and have a second glass of wine just because it has been THAT kind of day.  Suburbia Unwrapped is my place to be honest about my average middle class life in the suburbs of metro Atlanta, Georgia.


I am a professional blogger and nationally certified pharmacy technician on top of my job as full time mom.  I have my bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a minor in Health Management and policy. 

With the birth of my first child I left my career in the science field to become a stay at home mom.  Years of playing with LEGO and coloring with crayons had me craving a more grown up purpose to my life and I began blogging full time. 

My average life has me dealing with emotional teens, suburban politics, and middle aged metabolism. Suburbia Unwrapped is my way of sharing my own opinions and experiences in an honest and down to earth fashion.

I have a chaotic life that includes work, a husband, 2 kids, and more pets than I care to admit.  My daughter Emily is 17 and is passionate about music, art, photography, and  American Sign Language.  

My son Drew has been an introverted science geek from the time he was a small child and is now an introverted 19 year old science geek!   Since my husband and I are also introverted science geeks, I’m not surprised at all!  He loves reading, tennis and (of course) playing video games.  Both of them excel at academics and love driving me just a tad bit nuts!

When I find free time and a little burst of energy, I enjoy gardening, reading, time outside, and lunch with friends.  Family time is incredibly important to me, whether it is family dinner or family movie night.  We have been known to make grocery shopping family time occasionally but that usually results in way too much junk food going in the cart!

We are an active family, whether it is a trip to the gym or a hike in the mountains.  My husband and I are avid motorcyclists with a passion for food, science, nature, and social good.

If you would like to connect with me you can email me (Diane Hoffmaster) at adhoffmaster @ yahoo.com or find me on  Facebook,  Twitter or Find us on Google+ I would love to hear about your own attempts surviving the chaos of suburbia!  Subscribe to my feed to keep track of what’s going on!

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