Unique Kitchen Science Experiment for Kids

I spent this past weekend declutter my book collection and donated dozens of science experiment books to a local science teacher.  My husband and I both have degrees in science and we loved sharing an assortment of fun science experiments with our children when they were young.  It makes me sad to say goodbye to that time in our lives but I'm happy the excitement will live on in another generation. I thought I would share with you our favorite kitchen science experiment for kids as well as a few others I found that can teach a few valuable … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Successful STEM Learning in Kids

This post about STEM learning in kids was sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions are my own.My husband and I both have degrees in the science field and improving STEM learning in kids is something we are passionate about.  We spent 4 years acting as the 'Science Night Committee' at our children's elementary school and it was an incredibly rewarding experience.  Watching 100 kids and their parents get such excitement out of simple science experiments really … [Read more...]

How to Read to a Child: Tips and Tricks to Get Them Engaged

Have you ever thought about how to read to a child to really get them engaged with a story? When my children were young, I was passionate about reading to them.  Their library of Little Golden Books was out of control and it even included a few of my own favorites from when I was young.  I will never forget the joy that all of us felt as we read 'The Monster at the End of This Book' with furry old Grover.  Or the story of Two Little Kittens with eyes of blue, one was named Twinkle and the other named Boo.  We spent hours every week curled up in … [Read more...]

How to Encourage Creative Writing in Kids

This post about creative writing in kids isn't going to automatically turn your child into the next best selling author a few years down the road.  However, creative writing is a skill that schools are pushing like crazy right now because it helps get them into college.  If you remember back a few years to those dreaded college essays you had to write, you will understand why creative writing in kids is so important.  So, how do you get your child to sit down with pen and paper to create something in written word? I will share a few tips that I … [Read more...]

How to Support STEM Learning in Teens

This post on How to Support STEM Learning in Teens has been sponsored by Post-it Brand but all opinions expressed here are my own.The one class I always looked forward to attending in high school was science.  It didn't matter if we were using a microscope, mutating fruit flies or even dissecting something, I was excited to walk in that door.  Fast forward a few years to college.  I got a degree in Microbiology and then spent years working in cancer research.  The challenge of unraveling the next scientific mystery drew me in and kept me … [Read more...]

Classes for Kids That Would Actually be Useful!

I am blessed to live in a fairly decent school district.  While Georgia is not generally known for it's quality education, we managed to get into a decent school district and my kids were placed into the gifted program in first grade.  As a result, they have had an assortment of  high level math classes, great opportunities for scientific research, and some fairly outside the box thinking.  I'm lucky that their school offers classes for kids that really challenge them intellectually.  Now that they are teens I am totally incapable of helping … [Read more...]

Continuing education classes for bloggers: Help yourself stand out!

As I spend more time blogging and trying to make social media an actual career I am starting to consider what types of skills I could improve upon by taking some continuing education courses.  Many years ago when I was young and had no children I started college with grand dreams of an illustrious career doing medical research.  I took fascinating courses like electron microscopy (okay, *I* thought it was fascinating!) and worked my butt off as an undergraduate lab slave to graduate summa cum laude with a degree in Microbiology.  I quickly … [Read more...]

Standardized Tests: An accurate measure of math success?

Ever since my kids went back to school from spring break they have been cramming for the upcoming standardized tests they are having next week.  The CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests ) is a HUGE deal to the teachers and administrators at our schools.  Georgia is ranked extremely low when it comes to education in this country and our newspaper last week reported some shockingly bad graduation rates in our local high schools.  They really push these standardized test as a way to measure improvement in the schools.  I disagree that a … [Read more...]

Easy Science Experiment: Grow Sulfur Loving Bacteria With Your Kids!

My husband and I both have degrees in microbiology.  While I haven't done much with my degree since having kids, I feel it is important to share our love of science with our children.  Personally, I don't have a lot of faith in the ability of the public school system to prepare my kids for college. Unfortunately, I can't afford private school and would probably strangle my children if forced to home school them so it is off to public school they go. We frequently do easy science experiments at home and have an extensive collection of books to … [Read more...]