How to Nurture Creativity in Teens

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When my children were younger, nurturing creativity was easy.  Our art closet was stocked with every type of art supply you could image.  Along with odds and ends like egg crates, fabric scraps and empty yogurt cups.  They had free reign when it came to glue and glitter and it was a glorious mess that inspired creative play on a regular basis. Creative play in teenagers isn’t quite so easy.

How to Nurture Creativity in Your Teenagers

How to Nurture Creativity in Teens

While some kids grow out of their creative phase of life, my daughter has not.  Her love of art, photography, and creativity in general absolutely astounds me.  Considering that I can barely draw stick figures, I don’t think this artistic talent is genetic!  I want her to continue to explore her artistic nature and am always looking for new ways to nurture creativity in teens.  When Best Buy asked us to try out the new Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet, I knew my daughter would love it!

Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet

Inspire Digital Creativity with Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet

My daughter has been using the Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet for the last few weeks.  She has found an amazing outlet for her creative nature in this unique art tablet.  If you have a creative teenager, this may be a great addition to the Christmas list this year!

mountain sunset

The Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet allows users to create impressive digital art.  Whether your teen is into photography, drawing manga and comics, or any other digital art, this tablet will nurture creativity in teens who love technology!  It has a battery-free pen and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity to allow you to draw well-defined lines.  There are numerous  customize-able  shortcuts and the tablet connects wirelessly to your computer with built-in Bluetooth.  It also comes with  several types of  free downloadable software for amazing editing capabilities.

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Broaden Your Definition of Art

While adults may think ‘Picasso’ or ‘Monet’ when they think about art, today’s teens are often drawn towards digital art.  Whether it is photo editing or comic creation, digital art is not only fun but can be nurtured into a future career in graphic design.  Here are a few specs from the Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet that you should know:

  • Medium size with larger active area:  Ideal for use with large or multiple monitors and can be set up for both left- and right-handed use.
  • Four customizable ExpressKeys:  Put your favorite shortcuts like Undo or Copy/Paste at your fingertips.
  • Wacom Pen 4K:  Cordless, pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen with built-in pen nib compartment and nib removal tool.
  • 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity:  For control and precision when drawing, painting and photo-editing in any software program.
  • Bluetooth connectivity:  Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth to your Mac or PC.
  • Includes free downloadable software:  Choose two of the following: Corel Painter Essentials (drawing/painting), Corel AfterShot (photo-editing), Clip Studio Paint Pro 2-year license (comic/manga).

PreCalc Notes Sept4

The Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet helps with math!

While nurturing creativity in teens is great, I honestly love that my daughter found a way for it to help her do her math homework.  The Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet is really just a fancy digital pen in some ways.  And my daughter used it to work on precalc homemework. It is basically digital scrap paper that stays organized  and can be printed out only if needed to go in her binder.  Less paper saves money and the environment!  If you are wondering how to nurture creativity in teens AND improve school grades, this table may help!  Check out my post on high tech holiday gifts for teens for more great technology gift ideas.

art brushes

More Ways to Nurture Creativity

We have seriously loved exploring this digital art tablet but there are many other ways to nurture creativity in kids, even teenagers.  Try a few of these tips to turn your teen into a budding artist!

  • Consider your teens’ strengths. Creativity comes in many ways, shapes and forms.  Are they musical?  Do they enjoy creative writing or photography?  Do not limit them when it comes to art.  Art means different things to different people.  Therefore, your teen may need to do some exploration before they find their true calling.
  • Encourage them.  In order to nurture creativity, teens need tools.  They may need a trip to the library, a collection of art supplies, or even just a drive to the mountain for nature photography.  Be flexible and available when they need help.
  •  Explore the beauty of art with them.  Want to know how to nurture creativity in your teenager? Be present for them.  Go to an art museum with them or take a nature walk together.  Put down your phone and pick up a book that you both read and discuss.  Learn how to nurture creativity not only in your teen but in yourself as well.
  • Allow them freedom to decorate their room.  I know it is hard to see them paint their walls purple and hang fairy lights everywhere but let them decorate.  Sometimes, a creative outlet is all they need.  And who knows, maybe they have a future in home decorating!
  • Be supportive.  No one is saying you can’t have an opinion on their artistic creation.  But give only constructive criticism and encouragement.  No one wants to hear that their creation is horrible.  Think before you speak. Kids and teens need verbal affirmation from their parents.  Show off their art to friends and family if they will let you.  Be their number one fan.

art and creativity

Boost Your Teen’s Creativity and Lead by Example!

If you are wondering how to nurture creativity in teens, look to your own creative nature for answers.  Do you make time to nurture your creativity?  Or are you so busy with work and bills that there is no time or energy left over for art?

Nurturing creativity in your teenager may require a bit of time and expense on your part.  It isn’t as easy as when the were little.  My teen is no longer happy with egg cartons and cheap paint.  She does still seem to love glitter, though!  And the Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet has certainly been a big hit.

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