How to Stop Bullying in Schools: What Can Parents Do?

Have you ever wondered how to stop bullying in schools from affecting your child? My son started high school last year.  He is 16 years old and I can honestly say that this is a hard age for kids to be.  Kids of all ages can be mean and bullying in schools happens more than teachers, parents or administrators can even imagine.  Teachers have their hands full trying to instill order in their classroom.  If they have a line of 30 kids to walk down the hall,  they may only see what the first 10 are actually doing.  That shy kid at the very END of the line?  He may very well be getting bullied and no one even notices.  If you have a kid on social media please be aware that cyber bullying runs rampant amongst tweens and teens on social networking sites.  With cyber bullying and bullying in schools such a big problem, what can parents do to protect their kids and raise awareness for this important cause?  Here are a few tips on how to prevent bullying in schools.  But keep in mind, many of these anti bullying tips need to be addressed BEFORE the bullying becomes a problem!

How to Stop Bullying in Schools

How to Stop Bullying in Schools: Tips for Parents


1.  Talk to your kids:  Open lines of communication are vitally important to ensure that you are aware of any incidents of bullying that may be occurring. Ask them about their day, who they sat with at lunch, what they did at recess, etc.  Ask open ended questions that need more than a ‘yeah’ or ‘fine’ to answer.  Keep in mind that even if THEY aren’t the ones getting bullied, they may have seen an incident occur with another child that should be reported.

2.  Involve the administrators: If bullying in schools is a problem for your child,  it needs to be brought to the attention of the people in charge.  Talk to your child’s teacher (outside of classroom hours…do not embarrass your child by approaching the subject while their peers are all around!). If you get no help from the teacher, go higher up.  It is possible that the principle and other administrators don’t even know when is going on.

3.  Monitor your child’s social media accounts:  Best to keep kids off social media as long as possible but in today’s day and age, they are going to be on there eventually.  Make sure you friend them, follow them, like them or whatever you need to do so you can check up on what they are doing.  And keep in mind, many kids are sneaky… they create ‘dummy’ accounts for their parents to follow that is all hearts and flowers and sweetness and then they have their ‘real’ account where they may let fly whatever comes to mind.

How to Stop Bullying in Schools

4.  Read up on bullying!  There are a lot of great websites for both parents AND adults to help kids understand bullying and how to prevent it.  Check out StopBullying.Gov and GreatSchools.Org for information on signs to look for if your child is being bullied.

5. Don’t raise a bully!  As a parent, I like to think that my kids are perfect but I KNOW that isn’t the case.  I would be horrified to learn that my child was actually bullying someone at school.  No one wants to admit that their kid is mean!  Teach your child compassion, lead by setting a good example, and above all else teach them RESPECT for each and every type of individual in this world.  No matter the race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or type of clothes a person wears should play a part in how a person is treated.  Do not let your child hear you say disparaging things about ANY group of individuals.  Children learn to hate from their parents and hate turns kids into bullies!

Bullying in schools is a serious problem in today’s younger generation.  Kids who are bullied often suffer from emotional issues like depression and anxiety as a result of the treatment they get from others.  Suicide has been the ultimate choice for several kids because they couldn’t stand the bullying any more and it breaks my heart when I hear about this.  Learn how to stop bullying in schools before it is YOUR kid who is suffering or YOUR kid who is tormenting others.  With parental support and involvement, this problem would be a lot less prevalent.

Please share your own tips on how to stop bullying in schools!





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