Why You Need to Start Live Streaming TV Channels Online

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When my kids were little, they were always underfoot. I was home with them all day, every day. Half the time there was a toddler clinging to my leg and a preschooler lying on the floor by my feet playing with toys.  There were days where I craved alone time like you would not believe.  Well, now I have teenagers.  There are days that they only come out of their rooms for food or bathroom breaks.  And they are stealthy about it.  They don’t even stop to say hello for heaven’s sake…just grab the box of cheese crackers and run back upstairs!  I seriously miss the days of having kids underfoot!  Now that XFINITY is live streaming TV channels online, I am hoping my teens show their faces in the family room again!

Why do you need to start live streaming TV channels online? Come see how this service from XFINITY can bring your family together more often.

Growing up, I had exactly ONE television.  I had no choice but to watch whatever my parents watched on TV.  I either locked myself in my room or watched MASH reruns with dad.  (which I actually kind of liked!) My teens have a second TV upstairs.  So, they say ‘Ew…we don’t want to watch football’ and they run upstairs to hide in the playroom with their own tv shows.  With XFINITY live streaming tv shows online, they can watch their own favorite shows LIVE on their Kindles in the same room that we adults are watching the news.  We may not be watching the same thing but at least we are in the same room.  Those of you will teenagers will understand how big a deal that really is!

Why do you need to start live streaming TV channels online? Come see how this service from XFINITY can bring your family together more often.

Atlanta as one of the first places in the country to receive the new XFINITY 2 Gigabit service – it’s the fastest residential Internet in the country!  I am seriously looking forward to it because we are an incredibly connected family.  In addition to the gigabit service, XFINITY also offers a huge lineup of channels, DVR Options, and live streaming TV channels online.  I found out Google Fiber is also coming to Atlanta soon but are they comparable?  I learned that Google Fiber doesn’t offer live streaming TV channels online.  That means the teenagers are going to have to head to a different room to watch their shows.  They don’t want to record them and watch them later because their friends ALWAYS reveal a ton of spoilers before they get to watch the show for themselves.  Totally ruins the enjoyment, right?


With XFINITY, your living room becomes a multi-screen entertainment center! No more wondering where your teenagers have run off to.  No more watching TV alone and missing a random kid or two laying on the couch next to you.  If you want more information about XFINITY and how they compare to Google Fiber, check out the  XFINITY/Google Fiber comparison site. You can also learn all about live streaming TV channels online in the XFINITY Live Streaming FAQs.

Would your family enjoy live streaming TV channels online?

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  1. I'm sure we would enjoy live streaming. I'll have to see if they have it in our area.
  2. YES! I was just thinking about how far we've come with TV. I remember sitting and waiting for the TV Guide to roll around to the channel I wanted to see... or dig through the mail to find the paper one. Now we can watch multiple shows at once!
  3. I am dreading the days of my kids hiding in their rooms!! The live streaming sounds like a great way to get the family to watch the shows together!
  4. We stream everything. I like streaming things. Less clutter with movies and such.
  5. I love this idea of streaming the shows so we can enjoy them all as a family together! My kids are getting older so I'm always looking for tips from those whose kids are older than mine!

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