Affordable French Cuisine from la Madeleine

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I received a gift card to la Madeleine in order to try out their affordable French cuisine but all opinions are my own.

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I have always enjoyed trying foods from many different regions around the world.  I have recreated many of them in my own kitchen…from Greek spanakopita to German Kaiserschmarrn and many others in between.  However, French cuisine has never been one I tried to recreate myself.  I’m not sure why but French cuisine has always intimidated me a little bit!  So, when I get a craving for French Onion Soup, Croissants or Quiche Florentine I tend to head somewhere other than my own kitchen.  Last week I was lucky enough to head over to la Madeleine with a friend for a very delicious girls afternoon out!

Affordable French Cuisine from la Madeleine

French Cuisine at la Madeleine

We have a la Madeleine fairly close to my house so I headed over with my friend to try out their New Country French Trio.  This new menu combination lets you choose two halves of their French Classiques (Quiche Florentine, Quiche Lorraine, Chicken Friand, or Spinach Pochette) and a cup of soup or salad. At my location it was very affordably priced at $8.49.  Price does vary slightly by location but it is a very reasonable price for a hearty lunch!  I chose the French Onion Soup which was heavenly with loads of croutons and cheese on top.  For the main dish I chose Chicken Friand and Spinach Pochette.  Both of these are puff pastry stuffed with a rich filling and the Chicken Friand comes with a side of wild mushroom sauce.  Everything was absolutely delicious!

French Cuisine at La Madeleine for lunch

In addition to the lovely French cuisine, la Madeleine offers you a delicious selection of bread, jam and butter to nibble on while you chat with friends.  I am always happy when my meal comes with bread, especially when I can slather it with butter and jam!

La Madeleine locations

Of course, in my mind French cuisine will always be best known for their scrumptious desserts.  I am never one to bypass the dessert tray and today was no exception. La Madeleine has an entire case full of baked goods, pastries and desserts if you want to bring home a selection after lunch.  They have small ‘sampler’ sized desserts available which are perfect for an after meal treat that isn’t too filling.   Whether you crave chocolate, creme brulee, or a light fruit tart, you will find a wide variety to choose from.  The little chocolate creation I chose was rich, lightly sweet and just the right way to end my meal!  While the dessert doesn’t come with the French Country Trio, I highly recommend indulging anyhow!

La Madeleine french cuisine

If you find yourself craving French cuisine but don’t want to tackle it in your own kitchen, you should definitely head over to la Madeleine and try their French Country Trio.  La Madeleine was a wonderful location for our girls’ afternoon out and the relaxed atmosphere and great food made for a fun afternoon!

If you would like to learn more about la Madeleine you can check them out on Facebook.  To find a location near you, check out their store locator!

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  1. Wow that sounds absolutely delicious! I'd love to try!
  2. The food looks really good! I've never tried French food before besides pastries. My husband loves French onion soup though. I'd love to try La Madeleine.
  3. I love trying new restaurants!! This sounds amazing and looks so delicious!
  4. I have never had much experience with French food either. But it certainly looks fantastic.
  5. I have not eaten La Madeleine in years. I need to see if we have one now that we've moved. The food is amazing.
  6. Yum! This looks amazing! I have never even heard of La Madeleine but I'm going to have to see if I can find one on our travels!

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