Give a New Puppy Care Package (NOT a puppy!) for a Gift!

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, PLEASE give a new puppy care package on Christmas day and not the actual puppy. My husband and I both had dogs as children so when we moved in together after college we immediately starting talking about getting a puppy.  Granted, getting a German Shepherd puppy in an apartment was probably not the wisest choice but we soon found a house with a fenced in yard and she quickly realized that eating shoes was not as much fun as chasing squirrels.  It all turned out great in the long run and ever since that first puppy, my husband and I have always had a dog.  They have been loyal companions, playful friends, and watchful guard dogs.  They have also been shedding machines, slobber monsters and a huge amount of trouble some days but I wouldn’t change one thing about any of them.  If you are considering adding a puppy to your home this month, a new puppy care package is a great idea and you can wait to bring a puppy home til NEXT month! I will include a few affiliate links for things you may want to put into your care package.

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New Puppy Care Package Ideas


  New Puppy Care Package Ideas

Christmas is actually not a very good time to bring a puppy into your home.  There are new presents to chew, Christmas cookies to steal, and strangers coming and going who may or may not understand how to properly interact with a puppy.  It is a much smarter idea to put together a new puppy care package and wrap it up for Christmas morning than to put a puppy into a situation where it is doomed to be naughty and stressed out.  I would highly recommend putting an IOU for a puppy under the tree and investing in a basket full of high quality puppy toys this Christmas.  Here are  few of my suggestions as to what to put into your puppy care package:

puppy care package ideas

1. Care and Training of New Puppies book:  I used to work with German Shepherd rescue and almost every dog that was given up by it’s family was surrendered due to poor training.  After spending 10 years in the dog training world I can honestly tell you that dogs NEED to be trained, even if it is just the basic sit and stay commands.  Dogs are incredibly smart so get creative.  Teach them to turn off lights and fetch your slippers.  They will love every minute of their time training if it is done properly! I highly recommend the book  The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete.

2.  Grooming supplies:  Even if you are getting a low maintenance breed like a German Shepherd they still need to be groomed.  And puppies get into a LOT of stinky stuff!  Be prepared to wash, brush, clip nails and clean ears.  Starting them young will get them used to it so they don’t freak out when you put them in the tub as an adult.  Unless they are like my slightly psychotic Dutch Shepherd who hated bathing from day one and still does 4 years later.  Getting HER in the tub requires multiple people and strong doors! Check out the selection of dog grooming supplies on Amazon to get started.

New Puppy Care Package Ideas

3.  Toys:  Puppies are inquisitive, energetic and tirelessly playful.  Invest in high quality toys that will keep their mind busy as well as their bodies.   Our dog’s favorite toy was always a Buster Food Cube .  Keeps them busy for hours trying to figure out how to get the food to come out!  Make sure toys are tough, well made and look nothing like your personal items.  Stuffed animals made for dogs look remarkably like stuffed animals made for children and they may not always be able to tell the difference.  We only buy the fleece stuffed toys for our dogs to discourage them from eating the children’s lovies.

4.  Treats:  Training should always include a positive reward for good behavior. Food rewards are always popular with puppies.  Make sure your treats are made in the USA and contain real food ingredients and not artificial flavors and colors.  Neon green treats or things that are shaped like bacon are not great for dogs.  Read the ingredient label just like you would when buying  your own food.  If you don’t recognize the word or it contains lots of numbers, skip it! Choose healthy puppy treats and make sure you only give small amounts during training.

5.  High Quality Dog Food:  You may be tempted to feed grocery store brand food because it is cheap and easy to find but you get what you pay for, I promise.  High quality foods are easier to digest and much more nutritious.  You will have a healthier, more energetic dog that poops a LOT less if you splurge on good food.  We usually choose either a grain free or rice/barley/oats based food.  We switch occasionally just to give our pup something new to try.

 Are you getting a new puppy soon?  What sort of things would you add to the puppy care package?

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New Puppy Care Package Ideas

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  1. This is such a good idea! I never thought about all the potentially non-puppy proof decorations and treats laying around, and I'm sure there are more puppies available the month after Christmas, as well as all the little pups in the spring.
  2. I can't imagine getting a puppy around Christmas but it seems a lot of people do! This care package is perfect.
  3. What a great idea! I have a friend who is a dog trainer, I can't wait to tell her about your great idea. Not only would it be perfect for the holidays, but great for her to give to her clients!

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