Fun Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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Looking for gift ideas for teen girls?  I’m right there with you!  With Christmas right around the corner, I find myself scrambling for ideas on what to get my daughter this year.  She isn’t a little kid any more.  As sad as it sounds, there will be no more Littlest Pet Shops, baby dolls, coloring books or Light Brights under the tree.  I am now the proud mother of teenagers and they are a little bit more difficult to shop for.  If you are trying to decide what to get that teen girl on your gift list this holiday season, here are a few ideas that I came up so far:

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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls


Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Usually, when planning out my gifts for teens, I try to find a balance of want and need.  Some things that are useful and others that are just plain silly.  Here is what we will have under the tree this year:

Fuzzy socks:

Slippers are apparently TOTALLY uncool.  But, feet still get cold, right?  Get your teen girl some fuzzy socks to keep her toes warm this winter.

Books and Movies:

Movies and books for teens run from silly to romantic to scary and downright depressing. Here are a few that my daughter and I have read or watched in the last few years (click the link to see my review of each one):


Depending on how old (or how mature) your teen girl is, you might want to consider getting them a nice candle for their room.  They spend a LOT of time in there with the door closed and a candle not only gives the place a bit of ambiance but it also helps it smell less like teenager!  Just make sure she understands how to safely use a candle!  If you worry about open flames, consider a flameless candle instead. 


Music and/or electronics: 

While you may not be able to afford to get your teen girl a new iPod, you can still enable her music habit with a few smaller gifts.  New headphones or a subscription to Spotify are great gift ideas. Check out a few of my gift ideas for techies if you have a technology loving teenager. 

Polaroid Instant Camera:

Yes, Polaroid Instant cameras are actually coming back in style.  They can be a fun way for teens to share photos instantly with one another.

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 2

Bath and Beauty products:

Gifts for teen girls that are usually a hit include things like fun face masks, bath bombs, mani/pedi supplies and other items to pamper themselves with.  You can also include the hottest new perfumes or a lotion in her favorite scent.  Bath and beauty products are popular gifts for teen girls of all ages!

A Bullet Journal and Accessories:

My daughter is passionate about bullet journaling.  She has created her entire school agenda in bullet journal format.  You can get them washi tape, assorted pens and markers, and a desk organizer to keep it all organized. 

Gift cards: 

Gift cards that can be used both online and in store are a big hit since teenagers spend a LOT of time on the internet.  Ask them what their favorite stores are before picking out gift cards for her.  I recommend not trying to buy your teen girl clothes unless you have been given an EXACT size and description list.  Shopping for teen girls is difficult!

As the mom of both a teen boy AND a teen girl, I honestly think gifts for girls are SO much easier to find.  If anyone has suggestions on what to get a 19 year old boy, please let me know!

Have any other gift ideas for teen girls to share?

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