Back to School Shopping Tips for Teens

Your kids may have just started their summer vacation but here in Georgia, kids will be going back to school in less than a month.  Their first day of school is August 5th and I have a lot to do before that day gets here.  With a few more camps, a vacation, and work to keep me busy, we are trying to fit back to school shopping in wherever we can.  If you thought that shopping with toddlers was fun, just wait til you start shopping with teens!  They seem to have their own set of problems when it comes to heading back to school.  I thought I would share a few tips that have been helping us survive during our shopping adventures!

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Back to School Shopping Tips for Teens

Back to School Shopping Tips for Teens 2

1.  Set a budget:  Teens are old enough to understand the concept of ‘we can’t afford that’ whether they want to hear it or not.  Let them know exactly how much you are willing to spend on their back to school wardrobe so they don’t get their heart set on that $200 pair of sneakers that their friend just bought.  If they really have their heart set on designer brands, check out the thrift shops.  Stores like Plato’s Closet will help your teen fill out their closet with cool clothes without breaking the bank.

2. Shop the sales, look for coupons, and check out the flyers:  In order to stick to your budget you will need to NOT cram all your shopping into one week.  Keep your eye out every week for store coupons and deals.  While online shopping might be easier for YOU, studies have actually shown that teens prefer shopping in real stores rather than ordering things online.  It helps your little fashionistas put together a trendy outfit if they can physically see it on themselves before purchasing.

3.  Make a day of it:  Try to look at your back to school shopping experience as a bonding moment between you and your teens.  Don’t rush!  Take the whole entire day to browse from store to store.  Stop at Starbucks and grab a coffee and cookie and sit and talk to your teens.  It is rare for teens to actually WANT to spend time with parents but if you are there with the sole purpose of spending money on them, I bet they will be happy to enjoy a little quality time with you as well.

4.  Get the boring stuff done first:  If your teen hates shoe shopping, do that chore first.  If you need new socks and underwear make sure those are first into the cart.  Get the boring and tedious stuff done first and then move onto the fun stuff.  Otherwise, you will be exhausted and they will be nagging at you about how they really DON’T need new underwear just because they want to go home. Don’t forget those exciting things like hair cuts and school supplies while you are out doing your back to school shopping!  If you want to see more of our back to school shopping experiences in the next month or so just follow me on Instagram!

5.  Put away the cell phones.  Not only is it very rude to be talking on cell phones while shopping it is also not really conducive to opening up the lines of communication with your teen.  If you both have your head stuck to an electronic device you will not be talking to each other.

6.  Make sure you know the dress code!  Go online or pick up the phone and call your child’s school.  It makes no sense to buy them clothes that they won’t actually be able to wear to school!

Have any tips you want to share for back to school shopping with teens?


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