Best Closet Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Wardrobe Neat

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For the last year or so, I have been trying to clean out and organize my closet so I can finally have a neat wardrobe.  I have adopted the ‘one in, one out’ rule when buying to clothes and fashion items. Most of the items I have not worn in a year have been donated to charity.  Plastic tubs and shelving systems have been added to try and keep my closet organized.  In my quest for fashion order, I have been searching for the best closet organizing ideas that I can find to help keep my wardrobe neat.    I will include a few closet organization tips that have helped me as well as some affiliate links for products that you may find helpful.

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Is your closet a mess and you need some closet organization tips? Here are some of the best closet organizing ideas to help keep your wardrobe neat!

Best Closet Organizing Ideas

Do you dream about the perfect walk-in wardrobe? Want a maid to help organize you fancy outfits? These would certainly be nice items to have, however,  that’s not the reality for most of us. The following closet organization tips will help to keep your wardrobe neat and orderly. This will help save you time in the morning and stop the mess from piling up on your bedroom floor!

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For a Neat Wardrobe, Label Storage Boxes

One of the best closet organizing ideas I can give you is to keep your clothes separated by seasons. This can get tricky, though. If you keep bulky winter clothes in boxes during the summer or hide away thin summer pajamas when you don’t need them then it can quickly become hard to remember what you actually own, and which box contains which clothes. This can be particularly frustrating when you get an unexpected April cold snap and find yourself rooting through endless boxes to find your winter coat. Label your boxes so it’s quick and easy to picture where everything is stored to avoid this inevitable closet bother.  Choose a variety of clothing storage boxes and make sure they are well labeled.

Best Closet Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Wardrobe Neat

Keep a Hanger for Tomorrow’s Outfit

Mount a hanger or hook on the back of your wardrobe door and keep it for tomorrow’s outfit. By picking and hanging up the next day’s outfit every evening you’ll save precious time in the morning and avoid throwing clothing options around your bedroom when you can’t decide what to wear to work. I have found that closet hooks are also great for organizing your purse collection, an assortment of decorative scarves, and even the bathrobe that you wear every day that you are too lazy to hang up at night.  Stock up on them!

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Organize by Color Instead of Item

Traditional tips for a neat wardrobe suggests arranging your clothes according to the type of item – trousers, then shirts, then sweaters, and so on. However, your brain categorizes colors more efficiently. It will be faster to find your clothes if everything is arranged by shade instead. This also gives your closet a nice aesthetic and makes it quicker to hang things up after colored clothes washes.

 Best Closet Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Wardrobe Neat

Roll Instead of Folding

If you use drawers as well as hangers, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them to save room and make it easier to visualize everything. Rolling your clothes also stops them from wrinkling and keeps the fabric fresh. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, loungewear, scarves, and ties can all be rolled to save room, time, and unnecessary washing.

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Store Accessories in Clear Containers

Storing your jewelry or watches in clear acrylic or Perspex containers makes it easier to see everything that you have and pick things out when you’re getting dressed, rather than having everything in a tangle in wooden boxes that you never open. You should also lay out your accessories the night before so that your outfit is all ready to go in the morning.  Get an assortment of clear plastic storage bins and label each one.

Best Closet Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Wardrobe Neat

Add Photos to Shoeboxes

If you store your shoes in the boxes they came in, or any container for that matter, stick a photograph of the shoes to the outside of the box. This makes it easy to find the shoes you’re looking for but also stops you from forgetting your options when you’re putting outfits together. You’ll never find yourself knee deep in boxes or unable to find both shoes again with this simple and eye-pleasing storage method!


I hope you find these closet organization tips helpful in your quest for a neater closet!  Remember, the first step is to get rid of items you don’t need.  Then, put a serious halt on your shopping.  Organize the things you DO use and make it much easier to get dressed in the morning! What are some of the best closet organizing ideas that you have found for your own home? Have you started on this chore yet? Home organization is a slow process for me…starting with the laundry room organization years ago and moving onto the kids’ rooms this summer!


Have any other tips for a neat wardrobe?

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