New Book and CD Experience: Dan Random Somewhere Called Now

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A few weeks ago, I made a rather startling discovery.  Our neighborhood has been hiding a talented musician and author!  In fact, this is a guy who’s house I have visited for oyster roasts and who’s kid plays tennis with mine!  How did I not know that Dan Random lived down the street from me? My husband and I were lucky enough to get an invite to his latest book release party and concert for Somewhere Called Now and I thought I would share some information about this great new book and CD experience.  This post contains affiliate links if you decide you want to purchase any of his material.

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Dan Random Somewhere Called Now

Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about Somewhere called Now. Basically, this is a book and CD combination.  As you read through the book (an espionage thriller type of story), there is a song from the CD that corresponds to the on-page action.  You can listen to the music alone or enjoy the book without the music.  However, the two combined provide a great reading experience that you are sure to enjoy!

Dan Random Somewhere Called Now

The concert was performed at Avondale Town Cinema, which is an incredibly unique venue with a rich history.  Some pretty big names have performed in this small yet comfortable theater.  Even Elvis Presley himself is rumored to have played here in the 50’s and they have a small lounge set up in his honor with some great memorabilia.

Avondale Town Cinema

This is a unique and very quaint type of theater.  There are a few tables, a cozy section of chairs, and a small stage for performers.  There are a few lounge areas scattered throughout the theater if you want to just sit and chat with friends.  You are up close and personal with the musicians and I was impressed with the sound quality from the stage.

Dan Random Concert

Somewhere Called Now:  The Album

Somewhere Called Now by Dan Random is a combination of rock and pop.  It blends great lyrics with a catchy beat that I really enjoyed. This is his 9th CD  and he has written and copyrighted close to a hundred musical compositions over the last 10 years.  The CD has 17 different tracks to it with a run time of 60 minutes.  I loved the performance which was just the right balance of fast paced rock with a grown up style of pop music.  You can purchase it through the link below on Amazon if you want to give it a listen.


Somewhere Called Now


Author Daniel Cowan: Somewhere Called Now

Somewhere Called Now (the book)

So, what is the book about?  Here is the blurb about Somewhere Called Now from Amazon. (Note that if you buy the ebook, you get the soundtrack for free!)

Somewhere Called Now: To Arrive Before You Leave

Four less-than-mature college students from Savannah, Georgia, place an ad online, claiming they’re an accomplished espionage group. In truth, this is a ruse by the team’s eccentric leader, Frank Brise, who is simply trying to raise money for his next fall quarter in school.

Much to their amazement, they get a call from an international terrorist organization that kidnaps and blackmails them into cooperating with a wild international scheme involving evil scientists and time travel. The four Savannahians soon find themselves in communist North Korea, bumbling toward their objective.

Through a bizarre chain of events, they uncover a plot by the North Koreans to go back in time with modern technology and take over the world. The team stumbles onto the machine, accidentally transporting themselves back into history, opening the door for many adventures, including dinosaurs, Roman soldiers, and some bizarre lessons in human nature. What is old is new again.

Somewhere Called Now (the book)


If you are looking for a great new music experience or want to get your hands on an espionage thriller, check out this new CD/book combination.  For more information about the author or his newest books and music, check out


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