Tips for Staying Active with Your Dog

Want to exercise with your dog to stay healthy and have fun? There are a few things you should consider before you get started.  Staying active with your dog can be beneficial to both of you, but don't jump into it too quickly!   How much exercise to dogs need? The amount of exercise a dog needs is really dependent on the breed and age.  If they are putting on weight or destroying your house, you may want to increase the activity level of your pet. Many years ago, my husband and I discovered the joy of competitive dog … [Read more...]

Give a New Puppy Care Package (NOT a puppy!) for a Gift!

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, PLEASE give a new puppy care package on Christmas day and not the actual puppy. The holidays are a stressful time and chaos is not healthy for raising puppies.  A puppy care package, with a sweet 'puppy IOU' and a new pet gift or two is a much better plan! I thought I would share a few puppy supplies you might want to include in your pet gift basket.     New Puppy Care Package Ideas Christmas is actually not a very good time to bring a puppy into your home.  … [Read more...]

17 DIY Dog Treat Recipes Make Great Gifts for Dog Lovers and Pets!

Do you have a canine friend in your life that would appreciate these DIY dog treat recipes?  Or are you looking for gifts for dog lovers? Making homemade dog treats is easy and they make a fun and personal gift for the dog people in your life.  Most of the time, the ingredients are already in your pantry and they take very little time and energy to make.  I thought I would share this roundup of homemade dog treats to inspire you to get busy creating a few healthy dog treats this month! You can also put homemade treats in a puppy care package, … [Read more...]

DIY Dog Treat Cookie Jar and Healthy Natural Dog Treats from Wellness

This DIY dog treat cookie jar and healthy natural dog treats discussion has been sponsored by Wellness.  All opinions expressed here are my own. Halloween is almost here and that means there will be plenty of treats to be enjoyed.  From pumpkin pie to pumpkin ginger snaps, everyone in my house enjoys treats occasionally, even my dog.  Of course, sweets are definitely NOT good for dogs!  Know what else isn't good for dogs?  A lot of the stuff you find in many brands of dog treats. I have used Wellness brand products for my dog for years. I … [Read more...]

Healthy Dog Coat Tips and Nature’s Recipe Launch at Walmart!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature’s Recipe®. The opinions and text are all my own. For the last 20 years, my husband and I have owned a breed of dog called the Dutch shepherd.  Similar to a German shepherd, Dutchies are hyper, high drive, protective and incredibly smart.  They are also very hairy!  With a double coat to protect them from cold, winter weather, shepherds tend to shed quite a bit. While they shed year round, spring is the absolute worst when it comes to finding dog hair all over my house.  I … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

Spring is approaching and with it comes lots of new baby animals.  If you are considering adding a critter to your house, I encourage you to check out these tips for choosing the right pet before you shop.  Animals are a huge commitment and they deserve to be a full-fledged member of your family. Growing up, I had a dog until I was about 10 years old and he passed away from old age.  That was the first time I had ever seen my father cry and that memory has stuck with me for decades.  I begged and pleaded for years after that to be allowed to … [Read more...]

Cayenne Pepper Uses and Benefits Beyond the Kitchen

With the garden overflowing with hot peppers, I find myself looking for as many cayenne pepper uses as I can come up with.  Looking at the number of hot peppers I use in my kitchen nowadays, I am amazed at the fact that I had never even seen one until I was in my 20's.  I grew up in New England on baked beans and pot roast.  It was certainly tasty food but definitely not what I would call spicy.  When I decided to follow my boyfriend (now husband) down to Houston, Texas I had no idea what I was getting myself into in terms of food.  All of a … [Read more...]

Upcycled Dog Treats Jar to Keep Fido’s Treats Fresh!

Up until now, I have been keeping the dog's treats in the box they come from the pet store in.  It rarely closes properly and her chewy treats end up crunchy very quickly. This week I decided to make an upcycled dog treats jar to keep her treats a bit more fresh.  Not that SHE is all that picky.  This is the dog that likes to eat bunny poop and drink out of the toilet.  But, since I love the often annoying little canine that rules this house, I think she deserves fresh dog treats!  So, if you have an empty jar or two lying around, try making an … [Read more...]

Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog #HealthyPetHappyPet

This limited ingredient diet discussion is sponsored by CANIDAE® Pet Food and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. I am being compensated to help create awareness about the GrainFree PURE® line of pet food but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. CANIDAE® is not responsible  for the content of this article. Many years ago, I had a German Shepherd puppy who loved terrorizing my house.  She chewed furniture, jumped on guests and in general acted just like a German Shepherd puppy is supposed to act.  She also … [Read more...]

How to Tell Your Dog Loves Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food #PinnacleHealthyPets

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Pinnacle’s reformulated Grain Free Dog Food but Suburbia Unwrapped only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pinnacle is not responsible for the content of this article. A few weeks ago I shared some tips with my readers on how to stay active with your dog.  Getting out and moving more is good for both canines AND humans!  We switched our Dutch Shepherd over to Pinnacle® Grain Free … [Read more...]