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A few weeks ago I shared some tips with my readers on how to stay active with your dog.  Getting out and moving more is good for both canines AND humans!  We switched our Dutch Shepherd over to Pinnacle® Grain Free dog food as part of the #PinnacleHealthyPets challenge and for the last few weeks have had one seriously happy dog in this house!

Pinnacle Grain free dog food for my Dutch Shepherd

Let me say that we first switched Teyla over to a grain free dog food about a year ago. Within months of the switch, she lost a few pounds, her coat got shinier, and she definitely seemed to get leaner and stronger.  However, her interest in her food was hit or miss.  Some days I would put her food down for her and she would just stare at it.  Then stare at me…as if to say “You want me to EAT that stuff?”.  Maybe that’s why the weight came off so easily!  So, I was curious to see how she would respond to the new Pinnacle Grain Free dog food. Here is my personal interpretation of her non verbal critique of this new grain free dog food:

“I can’t wait til dinner time!”

Teyla has become a clock watcher.  Somehow she now knows when it is 6 PM and decides to wait at the pantry door in hopes that the doggie delivery service (ie. ME) will soon provide food.  In fact, she has started hanging out in the kitchen earlier than dinner time, hoping that her sad eyes will encourage me to feed her early.  She is definitely looking forward to a bowl of Pinnacle® Grain Free dog food!

Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food

 Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food

“This stuff makes my mouth water”

The area I actually feed Teyla in is now covered in dried up drool spots.  While she is sitting, oh so patiently, and watching the pantry she is also drooling.  By the time I get to the bin to scoop out her food, there is a puddle of dog drool on the floor in front of her.  She loves the mouth watering goodness of Pinnacle® Grain Free dog food.  I, however, find that I need to mop more often in the kitchen….maybe we need to start making meal time outside!

Grain Free Dog Food for Shepherds


“Good to the last bite!”

I always feed Teyla next to the pantry doors. 3 minutes later, her bowl is empty and she has managed to shove it all the way under the kitchen table as she tries to lick up the very last flavor molecules from the bottom of the bowl.  Then, when every last scented air molecule is gone, she looks at me with sad puppy eyes in hopes that I will be encouraged to put another scoop in there.  Sorry, pup, you need to watch  your waistline so no more kibble for you til the next meal!

Staying Active with your pets and #PinnacleHealthyPets

Pinnacle Grain Free dog food is made in California and contains limited ingredients that are carefully chosen and meticulously cooked. The vitamins, minerals and probiotics found in Pinnacle foods provide a balanced diet for complete nutrition.  I can definitely say that Teyla not only looks and acts healthy on this grain free dog food but she actually looks forward to eating it.  She has plenty of energy for squirrel catching, tennis ball chasing, and (her favorite game) blankie destroying.


Pinnacle dog food  contains quality ingredients like Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin,Sea kelp, and Cottage Cheese.   It contains antioxidants to support healthy immune system and fiber to encourage healthy digestion and small stool.  It also helps promote general joint health and overall muscle tone.  I have definitely found that this grain free dog food provides excellent nutrition for my own very active dog!

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Have you ever tried a grain free dog food?


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  1. I'm going to check this out. I have a Shepherd and she has slight sensitivity when it comes to GI issues. She sometimes has soft stools for no reason that I can discern, and I have to wonder if it's her diet (not that it's changed). She gets puppy chow now, and I'm wondering if that's causing the issue. Maybe going grain-free would solve the problem? It's worth a shot! Btw, your dog is gorgeous!
    • we have had shepherds for about 15 years now (3 so far) and they can have sensitive stomachs. I definitely recommend a very high quality food. You will appreciate it during the clean up, I promise! And thankyou for the compliment. Teyla is a handful but definitely stunning!
  2. Our dogs are picky eaters. It took us a couple of tries to find one that they like. Love that Pinnacle is grain-free.
  3. That's to funny she has a built in dinner clock, its funny how animals can be. My parents just got a puppy I will have to share this dog food with them.
  4. We just got a dog and my husband was saying that I should not get food with corn as the main ingredient. This food looks like it would be good.
    • We had a huge issues with our shepherd years ago with a corn based food. She had ear infections constantly until we got a lamb and rice version. Our current dog has been grain free for about a year and is doing amazing!

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