Gifts for Teen Girls and Easy Nail Art at Five Below

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Fall is a particularly busy time of year and definitely the hardest for us to budget for.  There are a number of holidays and birthdays over the next few months that require gift giving, goodie bags, party supplies, and an assortment of other budget breakers.  Gifts for teens can get pricey, not to mention they can be difficult to even find.  What gifts for teen girls will be a hit and which will fall flat?  I decided to take my teenage daughter with me for a little shopping trip to Five Below to see what sort of holiday gift ideas caught her eye.

Gifts for Teen Girls at Five Below Gifts for Teen Girls at Five Below

There was definitely a nice collection of items that interested my daughter at Five Below.  If you aren’t familiar with this store, it is a great place for teens, especially girls, to shop for the cool, fun stuff they want.  Everything, everyday, is just $5 and below which really helps keep you in budget when you have lots of gifts for teen girls on the shopping list. If you get tired of saying NO to everything on your teenage daughter’s gift list, you have found a solution with Five Below.  It is a store where mom and dad can say YES to hot items within its unique, and constantly changing assortment — featuring leading brands such as Lego®, Wilson®, Hasbro™ and Peeps® and hot licenses from Disney® and Marvel® such as Star Wars™, Despicable Me™, Frozen™, and Avengers®.

So, what sort of gifts for teen girls did we find on our trip?  Here are a few ideas that might be a hit for your own teenage daughter!

Beauty Products at Five Below

Makeup and lip balm:  My daughter practically fainted at the collection of EOS lip balms.  These are  HUGE thing with teens in her circle of friends right now.  We got several…for friends with birthdays, for mom, for her own purse.  There were so many to choose from!

Clothes for Teen Girls at Five Below

Pajamas for teen girls: I hesitate to even call them pajamas because honestly, my daughter lounges around most of the weekend in fuzzy sleep pants and a tank top.  They had a great selection to choose from and were incredibly soft!

Technology gifts at Five Below

Technology gifts: My daughter is hugely into technology of any sort.  We found an amazing selection of ear buds, headphones, chargers, phone and tablet cases and several other awesome technology gifts.  She goes through a LOT of ear buds so it’s nice that Five Below has such a great selection at such an affordable price!

Journals for Teen Girls at Five Below

Writing Journals:  Along with an amazing selection of school supplies and arts and crafts items, we found tons of writing journals.  My daughter loves writing stories, keeping a diary, doodling, etc.  These journals will come in handy and they had a wonderful selection of covers and styles to choose from.

Easy Halloween Nail Art at Five Below 2

Nail Polish: Five Below had an amazing selection of nail polish, both specific for Halloween and just a ton of everyday colors as well.  My daughter is obsessed with nail art and loves changing up her nails to match her outfit or an upcoming holiday!

Halloween Gifts at Five Below

Halloween Gifts:  Halloween has changed quite a bit since my daughter was little.  This will be her last year Trick or Treating but her friends also have Halloween parties that she loves attending.  Those still involve dressing up, Halloween makeup, goodie bags, scary music and an assortment of other Halloween traditions.  We found a great selection of Halloween gifts for teen girls that are perfect for upcoming parties!

gift ideas for teen girls

We had a blast shopping at Five Below this weekend.  When everything in the store is only $1 to $5, or $5 and below it is easy to stay in budget.  They have many Category Worlds like Style, Room, Sports, Tech, Crafts, Party, Candy, Teen & pre-teen so you are sure to find something for everyone on your gift list this holiday season.  They have a dynamic inventory of high quality items that are always on trend for picky teens.

Shopping for Teens at Five Below

If you would like to learn more about Five Below and find a store near you, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  You can also head over to the Five Below website to sign up for their newsletter and check out the latest ad!

What gifts for teen girls are YOU looking for this holiday season?




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  1. Five below finally opened here in San Antonio last year, just in time for Christmas and it was great. I was able to send all three kids in to do all of their holiday shopping on a great budget. Oh and I love that nail art. Great ideas... thanks for sharing
  2. I have never heard of Five Below before, but it sounds like they have some great stuff! My tween son and 8 year old daughter would love checking it and I admit that I've love to shop there too. I can't resist a good deal!
  3. I have one teenage niece and one preteen niece that I will be shopping for this holiday season and it's always a challenge. For their birthdays I bought them each a selfie stick and that seemed to be a big hit. Don't know what I'll do for Christmas but I'm thinking about those sock monkeys for them.
  4. I have never heard of this store. I had my daughter looking with me and she liked a lot of the stuff. I may need to pay a visit before Christmas.

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