Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog #HealthyPetHappyPet

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Many years ago, I had a German Shepherd puppy who loved terrorizing my house.  She chewed furniture, jumped on guests and in general acted just like a German Shepherd puppy is supposed to act.  She also suffered from chronic ear infections no matter how many times we treated them.  Our vet told us to try a limited ingredient diet to see if she had food allergies.  We tried home cooking for a while but that was a WHOLE lot of work.  Then, we found CANIDAE® Pet Food.  At the time, it was not sold in our local pet stores so we picked it up from a representative who delivered to a nearby parking lot.  It was worth every penny we spent on it and definitely worth a little extra effort to find. Ever since then we have been choosing a limited ingredient diet for our dogs and  it definitely has its’ benefits!

Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog # HealthyPetHappyPet

A limited ingredient diet is just what it sounds like.  It’s a dog food with limited, whole food ingredients.  Generally, a limited ingredient diet consists of the following things:

  • 7 to 10 ingredients
  • a single protein source
  • a single complex carbohydrate (starch)
  • wholesome fruits
  • wholesome veggies
  • vitamins
  • minerals

The ingredients in a limited ingredient diet should be things that we, ourselves, would eat for dinner.  By feeding your dog a limited ingredient diet, you limit the chance of food allergies.  And since the ingredients are wholesome and natural, your dogs are getting the optimum nutrition they need every, single day.  And you know what I love most about a limited ingredient diet?  The cleanup is SO much easier!  Seriously…coming from someone who’s dog is a good size, you will really appreciate have less poop to scoop!

Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog # HealthyPetHappyPet

CANIDAE® Limited Ingredient Diet

CANIDAE® Grain-Free PURE dog food comes in several different varieties but we chose the CANIDAE® Grain-Free PURE Sea adult dog food.  With spring here, our Dutch Shepherd is shedding something crazy and needs all the omega fatty acids she can get to keep her coat healthy.  It contains Salmon, salmon meal, menhaden fish meal, sweet potatoes, peas, canola oil, suncured alfalfa, potatoes, plus vitamins, minerals and live probiotics.  That’s it.  Totally stuff that I would feed my kids and can be recognized as real, healthy foods.

Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog # HealthyPetHappyPet

Teyla just inhaled that bowl of food faster than you can imagine. I love that it contains probiotics for healthy digestion and antioxidants for a healthy immune system.  And of course, all those Omega fatty acids from the fish should really help keep her coat shiny and soft.  I just hope she stops with this spring coat blowing soon because I have WAY too much dog hair in my house!

Choosing a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog # HealthyPetHappyPet

CANIDAE® is PetFood Made By Pet People™.  They are an independent and family-­‐owned business that has been around since 1996. There are no by products, corn, wheat or soy in this food which means less risk of allergies and better nutrition.  Check out CANIDAE®’s True Story video below to learn more about this limited ingredient diet.

If you want to try CANIDAE® Grain-Free PURE limited ingredient diet for your dog, here are a few places you can learn more about it:

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canidae®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. They say you are what you eat, and I'm sure that applies to pets too. My dog is a member of the family. Need to check this out.
  2. I tell you, it is super-important to know what you are feeding your dog and know what your dog needs in his/her food. Sounds like you have made a great decision for Teyla! BTW - that coupon is great. Thanks for sharing
  3. We are picky on what we feed our dog. I think the less ingredients and more wholesome the better! I seriously love that this is all natural ingredients that are real food!
  4. Amy Desrosiers says
    Since my dog now weighs 3 lbs more than she did 13 months ago, I need to put her on a grain free diet. I already was looking for premium foods that did not contain corn as their first ingredient, but this is the next step for her.

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