10 Easy Winter Care Tips for Hands

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Now that the weather is getting chilly, are your hands looking a little rough around the edges?  These winter care tips for hands might be just the thing you need! It’s only October and I am already noticing that my skin is getting dry.  The minute that heat kicks on I start getting frizzy hair, chapped lips and hands that are dry and flaky. Sure, I like hand lotion as much as the next girl but it seems like no matter how much I put on it just sucks right into my skin and I don’t see any change in the way my hands feel.  If you have the same problems that I do during the cold here are a few winter care tips for hands that might be useful.  I will include a few affiliate links for products that you may find helpful.

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Easy winter care tips for hands

Winter Care Tips for Hands

Massage Vitamin E oil into your cuticles everyday to avoid hang nails and help nourish and hydrate your cuticles.  Make sure you buy it in a bottle rather than trying to squeeze it from a capsule supplement.  And applying it right after a bath or shower is most effective.

If your hands and nails are desperately dry,  try an overnight glove treatment with a thick moisturizing cream. Try these bamboo spa gloves to really help lock moisture in.

Swap your standard base coat of nail polish for a treatment one to help nourish weak, brittle, dry or damaged nails. A moisturizing nail treatment will help keep your nails from getting too brittle.

Wear rubber gloves when doing housework or washing dishes to avoid the drying effects of soap and harsh cleaners.  You can also swap out your soaps with harsh chemicals to a more natural one that won’t be quite so hard on your skin.

Apply hand cream soon after bathing, while the skin is still damp to seal in moisture.  Keeping the skin moisturized is one of the most important winter care tips for hands! I try to choose an organic hand cream whenever possible but choose whichever one is your favorite.

Best Winter Care Tips for Hands? Stay warm and moisturize!

Easy winter care tips for hands


Keep your hands warm!  Gloves protect your hands from the cold winter weather. You can choose fingerless gloves if you hate not being able to use your smart phone while you have gloves on.

Stay hydrated.  Even in the winter it is important to drink plenty of water.  This keeps your body (and your SKIN) healthy.

Before your bath, apply oil to your hands and massage it into the skin.  You can use olive oil, almond oil or even sesame oil.  This prevents the soap and water from stripping your skin of natural oils.

Use glycerin soap or a natural soap made with Shae butter or olive oil.  Those are less drying than traditional soaps.

Keep moisturizers with you at all times.  It isn’t enough to just put moisturizer on ONCE, you need to reapply frequently.  Put a container in your purse for hydrating on the go!

 Do you have any other winter care tips for hands that you would like to share?


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Winter Care Tips for Hands

Easy winter care tips for hands


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