How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young Even When You’re Not

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Did you look in the mirror this morning and wonder how to keep your skin looking young as the years creep slowly by? I was not careful with my skin when I was younger. I slathered on baby oil and sunned myself for hours.  I put harsh chemicals on my face to treat acne, blackheads and other persistent skin problems.  If I could do it all over again, I would be a lot kinder to my skin but I can’t turn back the hands of time.  I can, however, pamper my skin NOW in hopes of slowing down the aging process.  Just because I AM in my forties, doesn’t mean I want everyone to know it! When I was asked to partner with Metrin Skincare this month, I was curious to see how their system worked.  It’s a more detailed skin care routine than I usually follow but I have been very pleased with the results.  I am going to give you a few tips on how to keep your skin looking young and then give you a rundown on my experience with the Metrin Skincare System so far.

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young Even When YOU Aren't!

You are what you eat and drink:  Your body is an interconnected system.  What you put into your mouth ends up affecting every system of your body.  Eat healthy with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Drink lots of water and take your vitamins.  When you nourish your body with the proper nutrients, you will be helping your skin look it’s best at the same time.

Get more sleep, drink less coffee:  Have you ever heard the term ‘beauty sleep’?  Well, it was created for a reason.  Skin repairs itself while you sleep so not getting enough shut-eye will make you look older than you really are.  When you drink tons of coffee to make up for that lack of sleep, you are loading your body up on caffeine. Since caffeine is dehydrating, this makes your skin look less firm and can lead to a dull complexion as well as dark circles under your eyes.

How to Keep Skin Looking Young

Don’t let life interfere with your skincare routine:  I get it.  We are busy in our 40s.  Who has time for a long skincare routine, right?  WRONG.  Don’t skip your skincare routine just because you are tired or are really looking forward to hitting the pillow.  Washing, drying and moisturizing takes less than 10 minutes (even with the 5 step Metrin skincare system!).  Seriously.  10 minutes more of sleep is not going to make  you feel any more refreshed in the morning.  Skipping it, however, may lead to breakouts which will cause you a lot more hassles the next day.  Keep everything you need for your skincare routine at your fingertips.  A basket on the bathroom counter is a good solution. If you have to unload the dryer to find a clean washcloth or rummage in the hall closet for cotton balls, chances are you are going to skip a few steps.

Don’t skimp on cheap products:  I know, that coupon is tempting.  $1.00 off that ‘off the shelf’ facial cleanser…how can you pass that up?  However, cheap skincare products are seriously not worth your time or money.  Cheap skincare products usually contain cheap ingredients.  Want to know how to keep your skin looking younger?  It isn’t with cheap ingredients!  Look for products backed by science that are gentle on skin. The METRIN skincare system is incredibly gentle.  There are no harsh abrasives or fragrances (no animal testing or gluten, either). I have been using it regularly for a couple of weeks now and can honestly say my skin looks clear and feels soft and smooth!  I’m not going to magically get rid of those wrinkles but I think they give me a little bit of character, right?

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Exercise regularly:  Yes, I know you hate to exercise but it has so many amazing health benefits that you really need to get out there and sweat.  How can exercise help keep your skin looking young?  It makes you SWEAT, which helps clear out pores and remove toxins from your body.  It also reduces your stress level, which in turn may reduce those frowny wrinkles in your forehead when you glower at everyone for annoying you.  A good workout will also help you shed dead skin cells for a more youthful glow.

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

I have been using the Metrin Skincare System for about 2 weeks and have been thrilled with how my skin looks and feels.  This is a 5 step skincare system.  You may think it takes a long time but I was seriously impressed with how quickly it went.  The first two steps are cleansers which rinse off quickly with no tight feeling.  The next 3 steps are for moisturizing, firming and toning.  You need very little product and it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and supple feeling.  The full sized 5 step system is a 6 month supply of skincare product and a little really goes a long way.

  • Step 1: Deep Cleanser
  • Step 2: Lathering Cleanser
  • Step 3: Vita Conditioner
  • Step 4: Protective Lotion
  • Step 5: Enriched Vita Conditioner


How to get younger looking skin

Metrin is not new!  They have been around for 80 years and have a ton of testimonials backing up their products.  If you want to read other people’s experience with this skincare system, check out the Metrin testimonials.  There are a LOT of happy customers.  And if you aren’t happy with your purchase?  They offer an unconditional, 180-day money-back promise with all of their products. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

If you want to learn more about Metrin, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter

Want to purchase the Metrin Skincare System?  Just head over to the Metrin Skincare website and start shopping!

Have any other tips on how to keep your skin looking  young?

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  1. Quality skin care products are definitely worth it. You cannot cut corners on your health.
  2. I definitely need more sleep, but I'll start the less coffee thing tomorrow. Today is Wawa Day where I am, and I can't say no to their free coffee!
  3. As I get older, I worry more and more about my skin. Thank you for these tips to keep my skin looking young and vibrant.
  4. Taking the coffee tip to heart. I drink way too much of it, even on a 'not much' day.
  5. Good to know! I try to drink as much water as I can to keep my skin hydrated.
  6. Wonder how they would work on a guy? Or maybe they have a men's line?
    • Hi Scott! I'm from METRIN :) -- we definitely do have a men's line (and it works just as well!). It's slightly different as men have a different acidity in terms of their acid mantle, but it's still backed by our 6 month promise. Let me know if you have any questions!

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