Simple Fall Activities to Celebrate Cooler Weather

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I am a very simple creature.  I don’t decorate my bathroom for every holiday, nor do I create elaborate weekend getaways for my husband and me. In my mind, simple is better in just about all cases.  If you are looking for simple fall activities to welcome in the cooler weather this month, I have a few you might enjoy.  Check out a few of my frugal fall decorating ideas and embrace simplicity in all its many understated ways!  Many of these fun fall activities can be enjoyed by children as well as adults so make sure you get the whole family involved!

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Simple Fall Activities to Celebrate Cooler Weather

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Simple Fall Activities to Celebrate Cooler Weather

While corn mazes are fun, have you seen the price of the tickets?  For a family of four, many fun fall activities can get expensive.  They are nice to enjoy occasionally and everyone should enjoy a corn maze once in their life.  But every weekend can get pricey.  Here are a few inexpensive fall activities that you can enjoy on those weekends when you want to save a bit of money!

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Bake a pie

While you may think of time spent in the kitchen to be ‘work’ and not ‘fun’, I assure you that baking a pie or two CAN be fun!  Enlist the kid’s help and schedule it during a time when you are not swamped with other commitments.  You can go apple picking with the family and then turn the fruits of your labor into a delicious dessert.

Simple Fall Activities to Celebrate Cooler Weather

Plant a fall garden

Gardening is not just for spring.  Many plants, both food and flowers, do very well when planted in the fall.  Check out this post about things to plant in November and you will be amazed at how many crops will grow in fall.   The great thing about planting a garden is that while you may have to put in a bit of work and money in the beginning, in a few months you will be reaping the rewards of your hard work!

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Go on a nature walk

Nature puts on a truly stunning display during the cooler months.  Changing leaves, dropping nuts, and wildlife busy getting ready for winter are fun to observe for both adults and children.  Take a nature walk and breathe deeply of the scents of fall!  You could purchase a nature walk journal and record your observations as you go. Writing is a wonderfully freeing and inexpensive hobby! If your child has a fall birthday, consider getting them the Science on a Nature Walk kit to make your walk even more educational.  If you live near a beach, head over there and enjoy the quiet sands now that all the sunbathers have gone home!  Then, check out these beach themed crafts and encourage your kids to get crafty.  Check out my post on what to do with acorns if you need fall craft inspiration.

Simple Fall Activities to Celebrate Cooler Weather

Have a Picnic

You could have a backyard picnic or pack up your basket and head to the park.  Hiking into the mountains and eating at your campsite is another great way to enjoy fall.  If you decide to plan a whole weekend away in the woods, check out my camping tips for beginners before you go.  If you just want to take your lunch with your kids to the local park, try to make it a waste free lunch if possible.  Or, at least make sure you pick up your trash before you go home.  Picnicking is a great way enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  Invest in a nice picnic blanket and take a nap in the great outdoors!


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Build a fire

Nothing says fall quite like building a fire and toasting marshmallows, right?  This is one of my favorite simple fall activities.  We have a fire pit on the patio and it is the perfect place to enjoy a mug of Mexican hot cocoa or a glass of wine. If you don’t have the energy to build a fire pit, considering buying a cast iron fire pit and setting it up in the driveway.   Set out a few lawn chairs and you are good to go!

Easy Pumpkin Carving Tips

Carve a pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin can be a ton of fun and very inexpensive.  You can go to the pumpkin patch and enjoy the festivities there or just pick one up at the grocery store.   Print off a template for your design and make sure you have a good pumpkin carving knife. Don’t forget to toast those seeds afterward.  They make a delicious snack!

Fall is my all time favorite time of year and I will definitely be finding a few ways to get outside and enjoy myself this month!

Have any other simple fall activities you want to share?

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