Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

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I must admit that I enjoy scrolling through Pinterest looking at fall outdoor decorating ideas for my porch and yard.  The front porch is the first part of your home that guests see right?  I want it to be warm and inviting!  With Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, let’s take a minute to add a bit of character to the outside of our home! When you are done decorating, clean the patio furniture and get ready to sit and visit with the neighbors!

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Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

that won’t break the bank!

Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas that Won't Break the Bank


Start with the basics:

Before you start decorating for fall, you need to clean things up.  No amount of porch decor will improve the look of a messy yard.  Start by raking the yard and sweeping the porch.  Invest in a can of paint and give your front door an inexpensive makeover.  Once the basic cleaning and maintenance are done, you can get down to fall decorating.


Invest in things that can be reused:

One of the best ways to save money on fall decor is to find things that can be reused again in the spring.  Invest in wooden whiskey barrels or a wine barrel planter and plant some fall mums.  Then, once spring gets here, you can use that same barrel for a front patio tomato plant or some spring flowers.  Other things that can be reused? Hay or straw can go into the compost bin and dried corn cobs can be used as squirrel food as long as they have not been treated with anything.

Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas that won't break the bank.

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Go vintage:

Nothing says frugal like second hand, right?  Check out thrift stores, Goodwill, garage sales and all online second-hand shops for creative fall outdoor decorating ideas. Everything from old brooms, wood planters, and door wreaths can give a bit of pizzaz to your front porch.  Buying second hand will save you a ton of money!

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Go Natural:

Instead of buying fall decor made of plastic that lights up and screams at your kids, consider using inexpensive (and sometimes even FREE) fall decor like pinecones, tree branches, acorns or whatever else you have hanging around the neighborhood.  Check out these acorn wreaths on Pinterest for inspiration!  You can also take those natural elements and intersperse them with high quality purchased items for a nice balance of styles.  Acorns are incredibly useful.  Check out my post on what to do with acorns if you love natural decor.

Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas that won't break the bank.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere:

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, right?  While growing your own would be incredibly frugal, I have never had a lot of luck at pumpkin growing.  Make a day of pumpkin picking with your kids and carve them or decorate them together.  When you factor in the idea that this is a fun family activity for fall, the decor you get out of it is actually fairly cheap.  Check out these pumpkin carving tips for hints.

Do it yourself for less:

No matter what your fall outdoor decorating ideas are, doing it yourself doing it yourself can be fun and frugal. Find an old chair at a thrift store and paint it red.  Add a pot of mums and you are all set to go!  Make a wreath, stuff a scarecrow or add a painted pumpkin.  Not only can you save money on do it yourself fall decor, you also get a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

Do you have any other cheap fall decorating ideas to share?

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Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas that won't break the bank.

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