Good Ways to Save Money on Youth Sports

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When you first have children, you read all these statistics about how much money it costs to raise them to adulthood.  The number is rather staggering and I don’t doubt it for a minute.  Of course, I think that number would be significantly higher if people factored in the cost of youth sports!  Getting your child involved in sports can put a serious dent in your budget.  And when your child chooses to play more than one sport during the year, the cost  can skyrocket.  There are a few good ways to save money on youth sports that might cut back on the cost just a little bit.  Keep reading for some easy tips to save money on your child’s favorite sport!

Good Ways to Save Money on Youth Sports

Good Ways to Save Money on Youth Sports

Don’t buy new unless you have to:  When your child first gets involved in youth sports, they really don’t need brand new sports equipment.  Look for hand me down uniforms from older players on the team and scout out second hand stores and online retailers for good deals on gently used sports equipment.  Once your child gets really serious about a sport, you can consider buying new.  Suggest to your child’s coach that the team sponsor a ‘used sports equipment swap’ to get everyone involved.

Learn to carpool:  The cost of gasoline might seem small but when you factor in traveling to away matches or those weekend trips when your child’s team makes the finals, it can really add up.  Ask around and see if other parents are interested in carpooling to practices and games to help save on gas and make your life a little bit easier.

Skip the expensive sports drinks:  Unless your child is older and playing on an incredibly competitive sports team, they don’t need electrolyte replacement drinks.  If you are looking for good ways to save money on youth sports, the cost of brand name sports drinks really adds up.  Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up from the tap.  Not only will you save a lot of money but you will also be cutting down on your child’s intake of sugar and artificial ingredients.

Good ways to save money on youth sports

Register early: Many teams offer discounts if you register your child early. Discounts vary depending on the sport but procrastination can lead to higher costs.  Encourage your captain to look into TeamSnap for their team management system.  It makes registering and collecting fees incredibly easy.

Choose group lessons when going private:  Sometimes, parents want their child to get coaching outside of team practice.  Private lessons with a coach can cost quite a bit.  Your child will still get plenty of additional attention with one or two more children in the group.  A semi private lesson will be much less expensive than a one on one coaching session.

Good ways to save money on youth sports

Choose one sport at a time:  Studies have shown that playing multiple sports is beneficial to a child, however playing more than one per season can really stretch your budget.  Cut back on costs and simplify your schedule by having your child choose one sport per season to focus on.

Skip the post game trip to the drive through:  Many teams have a tradition of hitting a fast food restaurant after a game.  If you are looking for good ways to save money, skipping the drive through is a great one.  Not only will you be saving money but fast food isn’t all that healthy a choice when it comes to meals.  Instead of hitting the drive through, head to a team member’s house or go play at the park.

Good ways to save money on youth sports

Get involved: Save money on youth sports by getting involved in team management.  Some teams offer a discount if you volunteer to be a team manager. There are a few free online tools you can use to manage your sports team so it isn’t quite as overwhelming.  Head over to TeamSnap and check out all the features they offer to simplify the management of your child’s team sport.

Shop around for camps:  Sports camps for kids are incredibly popular but they vary widely in terms of cost and quality.  And you don’t always get what you pay for.  Talk to other parents and find out which camps they have tried and whether or not their kids enjoyed them.

Remember its just a game:  A lot of parents want their kids to be the next Olympic star but the chances of that happening are fairly slim.  Learn to just let your child play the game for fun instead of insisting on extra coaching, expensive camps and pricey travel teams.  Many recreational facilities offer inexpensive youth sports options for kids just looking to have some fun.

Youth sports are great for your child’s health and a wonderful way for them to make friends.  Unfortunately, they can also become fairly expensive if you don’t learn to cut costs here and there.  Hopefully these tips help you save money on youth sports so your child can get out on the field and have fun without breaking the bank!

Have any other good ways to save money on youth sports?

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  1. These are great ideas. Skipping the expensive sports drinks is a great way to save money and it's healthier too!
  2. My son has not done really any huge team sports, he's into karate right now. I do know families that are very much into all team sports and I wonder how much money they spend on stuff. This might be a good post for them to read.
  3. Great tips! I love that you suggested groups - because the cost could be much cheaper. Thanks so much for the great list!
  4. My husband and I are talking about putting our son into karate or soccer. These are points I've never thought of! Love the idea of not buying new equipment! I can see how that could save you a lot of money!
  5. I never considered group private lessons- That makes complete sense and sounds like the perfect way to expand your child's skills while saving a little over one-on-one costs. These are all great tips- I will have to share them with my sister for my niece!
  6. This post comes at the perfect time since all three of my children are about to join sports teams this spring. The TeamSnap app looks especially handy and I will make sure to share it with the coaches.
  7. We took a break from so many of the kids extra curricular activities. Budget was part of it, as was time. But everyone is ready to start back up. These tips are great ways to save some money.
  8. Choosing one sport at a time is a smart idea. These are great ways to save some money on youth sports.
  9. Lisa Bristol says
    My kids were very active in sports when they were younger.. It can be so expensive buying all the equipment and paying the fees.
  10. Great tips. With four kids I can use all the tips possible about saving money on sports. Love the one sport at a time idea!
  11. Team sports are great for kids but they can take so much effort! Getting organized about how you do it can make it all so much easier!
  12. I've been looking to sign my kids up for sports. These are really great tips.
  13. These are great ideas on how to save money on youth sports, sports can get expensive. My middle is the only one who plays a sport consistently and the younger one wants to do wrestling next winter so far it is inexpensive but as they get older I know the costs and time involved is consuming and expensive.
  14. My kids are not into sports yet. However, when they are, you bet I will try to save as well.
  15. My kids aren't in sports but most of my friends' kids are. It's crazy how much it costs! This is a great set of tips that seem common sense, but are so helpful!

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