DIY Home Decor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Have you tallied up your bills recently? Don’t just cheapen your house in light of a tight budget. Instead of hitting the mall, consider some DIY home decor ideas that allow you to pocket more and personalize the room. This is your sanctuary, and the interior should be styled as such. Unlike kings and queens, however, most homeowners don’t have a royal budget. Frugal home decor is one way to LOOK like you live a royal life without going broke!

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DIY Home Decor that Won't Break the Bank

Seven DIY Home Decor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s easy to get carried away when decorating your home.  Another vase here, a gorgeous wall print there. You may regret those purchases when your bills come due. Get creative with the following DIY home decor projects that give your abode a unique touch. These home decorating ideas on a budget will make your home look upscale while leaving you plenty of money in the budge for everything else you need to pay for. 

Easy Home Decor Ideas

DIY throw pillows


No-Sew Throw Pillow Covers

Couch pillows that actually match the couch are expensive and hard to find. Instead of spending big bucks on custom-made throw pillows of just the right color, take inexpensive cloth napkins and try this no-sew throw pillow cover tutorial from Centsational Girl instead. It’s a six-step process that can be done with just scissors, a sewing machine and Velcro tabs to hide the seam. If low cost home decor is your thing, this one will really pull your room together. 

Learn to Upcycle

Upcycling something old into something new can seriously cut your costs on home decor. Hit the thrift stores and find inexpensive side tables to paint. Upcycle old candle jars into small succulent containers, turn an old door into a mattress headboard with a coat of paint and a few simple tools. Even garage sales can be great sources of inspiration for your next DIY project; just because it didn’t fit the theme of their home doesn’t mean it won’t perfect yours.  You will find tons of home decorating ideas on a budget at garage sales! 

DIY nature decor

Bring the Outside In

Nature provides numerous low cost home decor options. Here’s a way to enjoy it, 3D-picture style: Pick a few the prettiest ferns and place them in a decorative photo frame. DIY home decor ideas don’t stop at the foliage, though. Gather a bowl of pine cones scented with essential oils, flowers from the backyard placed in a simple glass vase or a bowl of small rocks, beautifully painted thanks to you or your creative kids. Babble has some inspiring themes for rock designs. Check out my post on natural decor ideas for more inspiration.



Dress Up Your Walls With Washi Tape

A huge, blank wall screams for something to decorate it, but professionally framed art isn’t wallet-friendly. Instead of going into debt to class up the space, invest in a few rolls of washi tape. Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that is popular with crafters and DIYers. Use it to write an inspiring message on the wall or frame photos of loved ones with a splash of color. Even the fridge is fair game. Apartment Therapy proves that the drab white box in your kitchen can be a work of art, too. Have washi tape leftover?  Check out my washi tape bookmarks for an easy DIY gift!

what to do with kids artwork

Turn Your Child’s Art Into Home Decor

Transform the space into an art gallery showcasing your child’s masterpieces. You can frame his or her artwork in inexpensive picture frames, and you’ll add a timeless touch to your living room. Enlarge it and hang it as a canvas, or publish it as a coffee table book.

Add a Splash of Color

DIY painting projects can add a splash of color and don’t have to involve painting the entire room. Paint an accent wall or stencil your staircase, as shown in Redbook Magazine. A bold splash of color can bring a professionally decorated look to a budget-friendly room remodel.

Fabric Panel Wall Art

One easy way to makeover your home for less is to cover blank canvases in pretty, patterned fabrics. Choose fabrics that complement the palate of each room and use a hot glue gun to adhere them to the canvas. Check the clearance racks of your local fabric stores for great deals on discounted fabric.

The DIY movement is a great way to decorate your home without investing a ton of money. The best part? Upcycling and home decor crafts are inexpensive and can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. That way, you can show off your castle to friends and family and still have enough money to pay the bills every month. 

Have you tried any DIY home decor ideas lately?  

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