Guest Bedroom Ideas To Make Company Feel at Home

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If you are having company this holiday season, you may be searching for a few guest bedroom ideas to make sure they are comfy during their stay. Guests like their own private space occasionally and not tripping over suitcases in the living room is a big plus.

I highly encourage you to put together a guest bedroom for your guests to stay in. It doesn’t have to be 5-star hotel worthy but there are a few things that will make your guests more comfortable.

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Company Feel at Home

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Company Feel at Home

When my husband and I got married many years ago, we moved far away from all of our friends and family. Some people might think it’s nice to not live right next door to family,  but holidays get a little bit lonely. We are always encouraging people to come and visit us, especially when the holidays roll around. We learned early on how nice it is to have a guest bedroom when you have company.  Here are a few ways you can turn your bland empty bedroom into a beautiful space perfect for guests!

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Banish Boring Walls

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Add a soft blanket

People come with all sorts of internal temperature regulators.  I hate when I go to someone’s house and am so cold I have to walk around with my jacket on!  Leave a decorative blanket at the end of the bed in case your guests get chilly!

custom pillows

Toss on Custom pillows

You can turn a plain, boring room into a beautiful guest bedroom just by adding a few decorative throw pillows.  And if you get tired of the color you chose next year?  No painting is required to go with a different color scheme.  Throw pillows are also nice if your guests want to prop themselves up in bed at night to read before going to sleep.

Set out Luxurious Bamboo towels

Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft and absorbent. Bamboo towels are an addition to the guest bedroom that will make your guests feel pampered.  Make sure you get hand towels and washcloths in addition to bamboo bath towels.  Get a neutral color so they can be used for an assortment of guests.  That way, your husband’s college roommate isn’t using pink flowered towels the next time he comes to visit.

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Company Feel at Home

Provide a Unisex bathrobe

Most people who travel don’t have a lot of spare room in their suitcase for a bathrobe, however, it is a nice touch to add a bit of comfort to your guest’s bathing experience!  Invest in a unisex bathrobe and hang it on the back of the bedroom door!

Set up a Fold-able luggage rack

Do you know how annoying it is to constantly have to crouch down to look through your suitcase when you travel?  It is especially difficult if your guests have any sort of mobility issues or are elderly.  Get a fold-able luggage rack so your guests can get their suitcase off the floor and more accessible.

Add a Reed Diffuser

Guest bedrooms can get a bit stuffy if you keep them closed most of the year.  Freshen up the room with an essential oil reed diffuser.  Essential oils are a better way to freshen the air than most chemical air fresheners since many people are sensitive to artificial scents.

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Company Feel at Home

Don’t Forget Flowers

This is one of the easiest guest bedroom ideas to brighten up your guest’s space. You can invest in fresh flowers from your local grocery store or a collection of high-quality fake flowers that look like the real thing.  Flowers are a great way to add a boost of color while also adding a warm hominess to your guest bedroom.

Provide a Bedside water carafe

A simple, colorful glass bedside carafe will brighten up the room and be useful too.  By keeping a small pitcher of water on the bedside table, your guests won’t have to stumble their way to the bathroom or kitchen looking for a midnight drink.

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Include a Universal charging station

Your guests forgot their chargers? No worries!  Small electronics can be charged right in the guest bedroom if you provide a universal charging station for them.

Add an Organic Spa Gift Set

Nothing says ‘Welcome to our home’ like a luxurious set of organic bath products! Moisturizing soaps, hand lotions, and organic lip balm will be a treat to your guests, especially if they visit during the dry, winter months.

Incorporating a few of these guest bedroom ideas will help your guests feel at home and give them a relaxing space to escape to when they need a bit of downtime.  The cost of staying at a hotel is incredibly high but some people love the amenities that hotels offer.  Why not offer your guests a luxurious stay at your home so they can avoid the high prices of nearby hotels!

Do you have any other guest bedroom ideas to share?


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  1. Grace Hodgin says
    I love that you suggested putting a wireless charging station in the guest room. Not only is that great for someone that forgot there charger but also great because it is one more thing you don't have to unpack and leave it behind when packing to go. I love everything you have mentioned and I do love it when visiting and having my own space. I feel like I'm not in the way. We have a two room cabin so we don't have a guest bedroom but have been talking about adding on so we can have extra space and invite guests to stay with us.

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