How To Add Texture To Your Home for a Peaceful and Relaxing Space

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When decorating your home, there are many aspects to consider. Color and style are two ways of incorporating various design elements, but there is even more. It is important to include the use of texture as well. This is often one of the most overlooked (yet brilliant!) ways of highlighting your living space. Wondering how to add texture to your home? Here are a few materials you can use in order to pull your room’s decor together, making it both unique and fun!

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Adding Texture To Your Home and Simple Ideas to Increase Visual Appeal

How To Add Texture To Your Home

I am a huge fan of natural decor elements in my house! There are many ways to add texture to your home and many of them can be very inexpensive if given a bit of thought and creativity.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your space!  Here are a few simple ways to incorporate texture into your home, even if you are on a budget.


Wondering how to add texture to your home?  I bet you never thought of adding SAND! Everyone loves sand tables, right?  You may have had one as a kid. Did you know that there is a grown-up variety? It brings both peacefulness and a state of calm tranquility to your home that you will really appreciate. Create your own little sand table oasis, and run your fingers through it when you need to relax your mind and de-stress.  Check out the BrookStone Sandbox on Amazon if you love playing in the sand!

burlap wrapped plant


By using this natural, large weave pattern in your home decorating, you will bring a unique edge to your design. Burlap is commonly used as material in sacks, but is great for creative individuals who have a crafty edge to them. This common material is anything but common when it falls into the right hands. From burlap accent pillows to simple wreaths, there are so many things you can create with burlap.

Head over to your local craft store with a coupon and invest in a roll of burlap.  You can wrap it around something as small as a candle or even make your own burlap throw pillows if you want something a bit more visible.


Natural Wood

Natural wood is one of the best ways to bring texture to your home. One of the most common ways is through hardwood floors. This raises the value of any home and is a whimsical throwback to the past, when hardwood floors were the normal. There are also other ways you can incorporate wood, such as making your own wooden furniture, picture frames, and shelves.

One thing you need to keep in mind when working with wood is that you really need the right materials in order to do it properly.  Whether you are installing new wood floors or building your own bookcase, wood can bring an upscale look to your home.  Of course, you will save yourself a ton of money if you tackle your wood decor projects yourself rather than hiring someone else to do it.


Stone is an excellent way to bring variety to a room’s texture. You can make a simple rock garden, add stones to a miniature waterfall, or build an elaborate fireplace out of them. Don’t let yourself get boxed in by common ideas. With a little creativity and a bit of rock, you can create a paradise for yourself that you long to get home to every night.  Of course, stone floors are a magnificent way to add texture to your home, however, think small to get started!

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Stone is an excellent way to bring variety to a room’s texture.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was once the rage, and then seemed to fall from popular opinion for a time. However, it has made a comeback. If you are wondering how to add texture to your home with minimal effort, wicker furniture can be found in many popular stores. It’s a fun way to make a change from the standard décor you see everywhere.

Try looking for sales in the fall, after wicker patio furniture goes on sale.  You would be amazed at how nice a simple wicker chair looks in the corner with a soft blanket draped over it! Even just a wicker laundry basket is a great way to add texture to your interior.

Natural Rugs

What better place to put texture than under your feet where you can feel it? There are many natural rugs to choose from that will bring you a feeling of being in the outdoors, and give a cozy effect to your home. Try materials such as sea grass, sisal, and jute for a welcome change to the average synthetic carpet. A jute rug is an easy way to add texture to any room!

Since you are creating the space you will spend a large amount of your time in, you might as well create an atmosphere you love. Learn how to decorate your home through the use of materials that bring texture. Try some of these ideas and see how a little bit of texture can go a long way in creating your dream home.

Have any other tips on how to add texture to your home?


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