How to Feel Young Again Even if You’re Getting Old!

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If I had access to a magic lamp, the first thing I would ask that genie is how to feel young again. I hit that magical age of 4 last month and it seems like I have hit a giant WALL of sorts.  All of a sudden I am noticing more and more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles, and a significant lack of energy.  I hurt myself doing menial things like bending over to pick up a piece of laundry off the floor.  Really!  That actually happened! 

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How to Feel Young Again Even If You Are Getting Old

 How to Feel Young Again Even if You’re Getting Old

I am pretty sure none of these healthy issues were ever an issue 5 years ago.  But, I hit my 40s and all of a sudden I am falling apart.  In an effort to combat the natural aging process and learn how to feel  young young again, I have been doing a little bit of research.  I don’t really WANT to age gracefully…I would kind of like to not age at all!  However, until we find the Holy Grail I guess I don’t have much of a choice. 

If you would like to learn how to feel young again along with me, here are a few of the things I have come across in my research.  If you want more tips, check out my post about how to age healthy. Concerned about healthy aging as a woman?  Here are some menopause tips you might want to read:

Healthy aging and menopause

Get plenty of sleep. 

Nothing makes me feel old faster than that tired, run down feeling I get when I am working on only a few hours sleep.  I am working on turning the light off 30 minutes earlier than usual to help me feel young again.

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Eat a balanced diet. 

If you are asking yourself how to feel young again, the first place you need to look is your diet. Not only to we need a very specific combination of nutrients to keep us energized but eating lots of fruits, vegges and whole grains keeps our digestive tract moving smoothly.  There is no way you are going to be feeling young if you are bloated and gassy!

Invest in a new outfit or two. 

If you are wearing mom jeans and a sweatshirt from your college days, you need a serious wardrobe makeover.  Investing in a few key pieces of clothes will go a long way towards making you feel younger.  Buy some hip jeans, some cute and trendy tops and a pair of sandals with rhinestones.  Add some sparkly and brightly colored accessories for a much younger feeling you!

How to Feel Young Again Even If You Are Getting Old

Treat yourself to a spa day. 

A day of pampering can help you look and feel much younger.  Get a facial to exfoliate all that dead skin and give your face a radiant glow. Get a massage to work out all those aches and pains, get a pedicure and put a brightly colored polish on your toes, or ask the hair dresser to cover up a bit of that grey for you.  It might be a bit pricey but looking and feeling good isn’t always cheap!

Get a moderate amount of exercise. 

You don’t need to be weight lifting or running marathons to make a difference in how you look and feel.  A brisk walk around the neighborhood and 20 minutes of gentle stretching will go a long way to helping you feel young.

Take care of your teeth. 

Nothing says young and radiant like a bright white smile.  Invest in a sonic toothbrush to remove plague, floss regularly and rinse with mouthwash daily.  Talk to your doctor about tooth whitening.  It isn’t for everyone but your dentist will have more information on the available options.

How to feel young again?  Take up a hobby!

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Find a hobby

You might wonder how a hobby is going to help you feel younger but doing things we enjoy keeps us happy and fulfilled.  It is difficult to feel young and energetic if we are constantly unmotivated and stressed out.  Check out these hobby ideas to help you feel younger.

Quit smoking: 

The healthiest advice I can provide if you want to know how to feel young again is to ditch the cigarettes.  Smoking cigarettes is really rough on the body but also has a tendency to age the skin very quickly.  Ask your doctor about smoking cessation products if if you don’t yet smoke, make sure you never start.  Check out Amazon for products that help you quit smoking.

How to Feel Young Again Even if You're Getting Old!

Reexamine your make-up routine. 

If you are still using the same makeup and application techniques that you were 10 years ago it is time for a change.  Treat yourself to a professional make-up lesson at your local department store and learn the most current tips for applying makeup.

Take up meditation:  

Stress can age us very quickly and one great way to relieve stress is to learn relaxation techniques like mediation and yoga.  Try to take 15 minutes out of every day just to do some deep breathing and relaxation work.  Not only is this good to help you feel younger but it is good for your blood pressure, too! Check out these simple meditation tips for mindful living!

If you are wondering how to feel young again, you need to look at a combination of factors.  Nutrition, lifestyle and stress all play a huge part in how we look and feel.  When you feel younger and have more energy, you can accomplish quite a bit so don’t let a chronological number hold you back from living life to it’s fullest!

Have any other tips to feel younger?


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