Ultimate Period Survival Kit for Women of All Ages

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When I was younger, my period was no big deal so a period survival kit wasn’t something I really worried about.  I didn’t get cramps or headaches or bloating.  I didn’t scream at people, cry for no reason or get such an upset stomach I couldn’t leave the house.  Fast forward about thirty years and YAY, I am suffering through worse hormonal issues than I ever did as a teen.  Seriously, my periods are not only irregular but they come with such debilitating side effect that I want to crawl in bed and hide for 3 days.  A period survival kit allows me to feel slightly more human and conquer to not so pleasant side effects of perimenopausal periods. There is also the possibility that I won’t kill my family in a hormonal rage.  Which is always nice.

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I decided to put together a simple list of must have items that may help you survive your period, even when you think the only solution is to crawl in bed and cry.  Some are items to help you feel better emotionally, and others are more practical!

Want to know how to survive your period? Make this Period Survival Kit for all your physical and emotional needs during menstruation!

Ultimate Period Survival Kit

Don’t have a period survival kit? Not sure what to put in one?  Here are a few ideas that might help if you want to create your own period survival kit for hormone relief!

Herbal Tea for Periods: 

I have several varieties of herbal tea for PMS ‘mood issues’. There is an herbal tea that helps balance hormones, one that helps you flush out excess water and even an herbal tea for digestive relief.  I drink a LOT of herbal tea and it really does help relieve a number of period symptoms.


My emotions are a roller coaster when I get my period.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  My children look at me like I am insane when I start crying in church because a hymn was particularly moving.  Tissues definitely go in my period survival kit.  LOTS of tissues! Get a tissue pouch for your purse if you want something prettier than the little plastic bag they come in.  Surviving your period can be an emotional roller coaster.  Be ready for it!


The absolutely worst symptom I deal with from my period is something called a menstrual migraine.  Basically, it is a blinding headache triggered by hormones that doesn’t go away until the hormones do.  The only thing that helps is ibuprofen so I always make sure I have that on hand. If you are making a period survival kit for school to give to your teen, most of them cannot have ibuprofen.  But, make sure you give some to the school nurse so your daughter’s period isn’t quite so miserable for her!

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Okay, this one is self explanatory.  I crave sweets when I get my period and I am not picky about what type.  I would rather keep a bar of high quality chocolate on hand for PMS relief than dive into a can of chocolate frosting that I find in my pantry.  Yes.  I have done that.

Inexpensive Hand Warmers:

Heat helps with cramps, however, you may not have the luxury of sitting around with a heating pad on your couch.  Inexpensive hand warmers might be just the thing you need. They are a quick, easy, portable heating pad that requires no plugging in or microwaving.

iPod and earbuds: 

When I get hormonal, I get irritable.  When I get irritable, my entire family annoys me.  The best way for me to not scream and throw something at them is for me to go for a walk and get the heck out of the house for a bit!  An iPod and earbuds are great for a last minute trip to the park for a walk or just a walk around the neighborhood.

Woman hygiene protection

Feminine Hygiene Products:

Of course, no period survival kit is complete without an assortment of feminine hygiene products.  Pads, pantiliners, and tampons are all used, depending on the day, time of day, and how heavy my period is.  You never, EVER want to run out of these while out and about!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Did you know that you can use hydrogen peroxide to help prevent blood stains on your underwear? Use a travel-sized, pump hairspray bottle that is dark in color. Fill it with hydrogen peroxide to spray on any stained area of undergarment and clothes to help stains from setting. That way, you can wait a day to do laundry without permanently ruining your underwear.

A period survival kit can help you make the most of the days you feel the worse.  Whether you are making one for yourself or sending a school period survival kit with your daughter for her locker, take some time to make one before you need it!

Have anything else you would put in a period emergency kit?

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