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When my husband and I were young and broke, our home decor consisted of whatever was cheap.  Or furniture we found by the side of the road.  Home decorating took a back seat to eating and paying the bills.  When we needed a piece of furniture, we had to hit garage sales, not look for a home decor specialist.  Now that we are older and have more money to spend, decorating our house is more important.  I am still thrifty with my money, however, I would like my furniture to not be held together with duck tape like it used to be.  I am working on finding my home decor style and thought I would share a few tips and information about how Havenly can help with your next room makeover.

Find a home decor style that feels like YOU.  Here are a few home decorating tips and ways to find your home decor style before you start.

Easy Decorating Tips for Your Home

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to take forever.  The key is to find a look that feels like YOU.  Decorating your home should bring out your unique personality.  Not pigeonhole your house into some magazine niche.  Here are some easy decorating tips to keep in mind before you start. 

  • Start at the front door:  Your front door is the first place guests see.  Replace old screen doors with new ones.  Give your door a fresh coat of paint.  Ditch the clutter as you walk in. Add a large potted citrus tree or a decorative hat rack.  
  • Keep the color on the walls neutral.  Finding your home decor style is great but it will most likely NOT be the same as the person who comes after you.  Selling your home is difficult when you have bold colored walls.  Keep the walls beige and add pops of color with an accent wall, trim, or brightly colored pillows.  
  • Place the sofa and chair facing each other.  It is hard to have a conversation when everyone is facing one direction.  If you place the furniture in a circular area, your living room style may encourage free flowing conversation.
  • Allow for natural light.  Remove heavy drapes and let sunshine in.  No matter what your decorating style is, no one will see it if it is too dark.  Replace heavy drapes with a gauzy curtain if you want a window covering.  
  • Add accent pieces.  A mirror makes your room look bigger.  Do you love nature?  Add plants and other natural elements.  Toss brightly colored pillows on the couch or a willow basket full of magazines next to it.  Find your decor style but don’t let it hamper your creativity. 
  • Don’t forget the walls.  Look for local artists and support them.  Invest in a custom frame to add a conversation starter to your room.  

decorating living room with ladder and rug

How to Decorate Your Home From Scratch

Want to remake an entire room?  Have you just moved into a new home are want to find your home decor style?  It’s not as hard as you think it is! Don’t necessarily look at your home as one giant decor project.  Break it down room by room and start decorating your house bit by bit.

In order to tie pieces together a bit more easily, start with your largest spaces first.  This will probably be the living room and/or kitchen since those are the rooms we use most often.  Then, choose the largest piece of furniture that will go in the room.  A couch for your living room, or a kitchen table for the kitchen.  Then, work slowly to add smaller pieces to your room that fit with the focal piece you have already chosen.  

More Home Decorating Tips

painting a wall

Just adding a coat of paint is a great way to decorate your home on a budget. Newly painted trim will really brighten up a room if you don’t think you can tackle the entire room.  Head to the paint section of your local hardware store.  They often have paint pallets that will help you choose colors for each room that will compliment one another without clashing. 

Take advantage of experts as you try to find your home decor style.  The people at Havenly can help quite a bit when it comes to putting together a cohesive look for your upcoming home decor project!


Let Havenly Find Your Home Decor Style!

Havenly is one of the easiest ways to design any space in your home and it is all online! They offer over 200 professional, highly-vetted interior designers who can help you create a beautiful design based entirely on your unique style and taste. Once your room is complete, you can purchase what you love directly via Havenly, with access to hundreds of retailers, guaranteed best prices, and no markup. 

Havenly for home decorating

How does Havenly help you decorate your home?

There are three ways that Havenly can help you find your home decorating style:

  • $19 Havenly Consult: Get spot-on advice from a Havenly design expert.
  • $69 Havenly Mini: Get design inspiration and custom solutions to spice up your space or refresh a room. 
  • $179 Havenly Full: Collaborate with Havenly to transform a blank canvas or redesign an entire room.

How does Havenly work?

So, how can you use Havenly to help decorate your home?  Here is the basics of how it works, depending on the package you choose:

  • Tell them what you need: Pick a room, set your budget and tell them  about your Pinterest worthy dreams.  Do you want a full overhaul, or just some ideas to pull it together?
  • Collaborate with them online: Just sit back and  hop online. Select your Havenly designer and work one-on-one throughout the entire home decor process. They will hep you find home decor solutions that fit your style and budget.
  • Get the V.I.P. treatment: The Havenly team works with you to provide instant access to hundreds of brands. They take care of the ordering and shipping. Just sit back and wait!

Save $20 When You Purchase a Havenly Full Design Package!

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Decorating your home doesn’t have to be stressful.  Unless you are trying to decorate your graduate student housing with cheap furniture only to find out it is infested with fleas.  Now THAT was stressful.  Using Havenly to find your unique home decor style is NOT stressful.  In fact, you can sit back with a glass of wine and relax while you decorate!   Have any home decorating style tips you want to share for our next room makeover? Check  out HGTV for more tips on decorating your house! 


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