Back to School Breakfast Suggestions for Busy Mornings

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My daughter headed back to school a couple of weeks ago and high school starts EARLY.  Cereal is quick and easy but my kids haven’t been a fan of it for years.   If you are looking for healthy back to school breakfast suggestions I thought I would share a few ideas that are NOT cereal.  

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Easy and Healthy Breakfast Suggestions for Busy Mornings

Easy Breakfast Hacks To Make Your Morning Easier

If you are struggling to get your kids back into a back-to-school routine, breakfasts need to be fast and easy.  With a little planning, you can have an assortment of healthy breakfast recipes planned out by Sunday night.  And these breakfast hacks are EASY.  Some you need to plan ahead for, others you can tackle when you wake up.  But, a healthy back to school breakfast is a must for your kids to learn and have fun at school.  Make a healthy breakfast part of your back to school organizing routine!

  • Make “hard boiled” eggs in bulk in the oven the night before:  Put eggs in a muffin tin.  Bake them at 325°F for half an hour. Take the eggs out of the oven and put them into a bowl of very cold water (with ice added). This stops the eggs from cooking and makes them easier to peel.
  • Use your crock pot to make French toast. I have yet to find a recipe that can be cooked overnight, unfortunately.  But, if you make a batch on Sunday, you can reheat servings of it all week in just minutes. 
  • Make oats overnight in your fridge. Check out my overnight oats recipe with blueberries, flax seeds and pecans. 
  • Make yogurt and fruit parfaits:  You can layer fruit and yogurt in a mason jar and store it in the fridge.  Top with a handful of granola right before eating.  
  • Cook up a large frittata on the weekend.  Check out my frittata squares recipe to learn how.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to eat healthier on busy mornings.


Why Worry About A Healthy Back to School Breakfast?

Wondering what to eat for breakfast before school?  You, me, and every mom and kid out there as well! Most parents understand the importance of breakfast before school.  Of course, that doesn’t mean our kids will actually LIKE our healthy breakfast recipes, right?  You may have to do a bit of trial and error to find breakfast recipes that they will eat that also fit in your back to school morning routine. 

whole wheat pancakes with a banana on a table.

Make Ahead Pancakes are Perfect for Busy Mornings

Make a large batch of pancakes on the weekend and freeze the extras.  Put applesauce, blueberries or nuts in them for added nutrition.  Place parchment paper in between each pancake and then freeze in a zip to lock bag for use during the week.  Just pop in the toaster, toaster oven or microwave to reheat. What can you put on pancakes instead of syrup? Try frozen berries, heated with a little sugar to make a sauce, powdered sugar, honey, apple sauce and yogurt, or a dollop of jam. If you are looking for more make ahead breakfast recipes, make a batch of pan fried potatoes and reheat them in the microwave before school. 

Avocado Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Blueberries and Chia Seeds

Smoothies are the Perfect Back to School Breakfast!

These do not have to be a lot of work.  Freeze fruit by laying it onto a cookie sheet until frozen and store in a zip to lock bag in your freezer.  When you want a smoothie, grab your blender…toss in a bunch of yogurt, frozen fruit and pour in some juice.  Blend on high until smooth.  Most blender containers can go right into the dishwasher. A smoothie like this is loaded with protein and fiber, just the thing to keep kids fueled up when they go back to school.  We use a Ninja Personal Blender for making smoothies and it is quick and easy to use and clean. 

Like these back to school breakfast ideas? Here are some smoothie recipes for you and/or your kids:

bowl of oatmeal and apples

Crock Pot Oatmeal for the WIN!

Put steel cut oats and water in your crockpot and turn it on low overnight.  When  you get up in the morning just throw in a handful of nuts and dried fruit along with a little bit of milk to cool it off.  Instant nutrition that is filling enough to keep them satisfied for a few hours.

Can you freeze oatmeal? Yes, you can! Make a big batch of oatmeal and  freeze individual servings into muffin tins. Store them in a zipper-lock plastic bag in the freezer. Then, just reheat them in the morning when you’re ready for breakfast before school.  I highly recommend a Programmable Slow Cooker  if you are short on time and still want to make healthy recipes. 

breakfast casserole with eggs and vegetables

Breakfast Casseroles and Planning Ahead

The thing I love about breakfast casseroles is that many of them require that you make them up the night before and refrigerate which makes them perfect for those chaotic mornings when your kids go back to school.  Most of them contain some combination of eggs, bread, milk and cheese which gives your kids plenty of protein to sustain them until lunch period. 

Toss it in the oven before you hit the shower and by the time you get your kids out of bed you will have a nice, warm breakfast waiting.  Add a glass of juice and some fresh fruit and you have a balanced meal for back to school success!

Breakfast Sandwiches at Home

Most people think breakfast sandwiches and they automatically think about fast food drive thrus but they can be very quick and easy to make at home with very little mess.  You can use an English muffin as the base, or biscuits that you make up ahead of time.  Cook the bacon the weekend before and stick in the fridge.  All you need to do is fry an egg which takes only a few minutes.  Then, layer on some cheese and whatever other toppings you choose.  Your teenager can eat it in the car as you drive them to school.  

If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas for school that are quick and easy, you may have to plan ahead.  Make a menu, write out a list, and shop on the weekend.  Sunday, get your ducks in a row and make a few back to school breakfast foods to last the week.  



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