• 6 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake without Losing Your Mind

6 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake without Losing Your Mind

January has come and gone and New Year's Resolutions are falling by the wayside.  Lent is coming up and people are trying to decide what they should give up.  Bathing suit season is fast approaching and fewer pounds on the scale might be a nice thing to see.  All of these issues combined make it a great reason to look for ways to reduce sugar intake in your diet.  But, maybe you think that you don't really eat a lot of sugar.  You don't snack on cookies all day and you buy only the healthiest of … [Read More...]

Protecting Kids from Questionable Content on TV

This post about protecting your child from questionable content on TV has been sponsored by XFINITY but all opinions are my own. Are you worried about your kids watching questionable content on TV? When my kids were young, I was a bit of a control freak over the remote control to the television.  I didn't want them to be watching Dora one minute only to have them hit the 'channel up' button and … [Read More...]

DIY Cuticle Butter for Nails You’ll Love to Show Off

Tired of hiding your hands from people because of ugly nails and cuticles?  This DIY cuticle butter is just what you need! My nails take a beating just about every day. Whether it's washing the dishes or gardening, I'm busy and have very little time to deal with keeping my nails pretty.  I don't tend to wear nail polish except on my toes but I still want healthy fingernails.  The trick to keeping … [Read More...]

How to Encourage Creative Writing in Kids

This post about creative writing in kids isn't going to automatically turn your child into the next best selling author a few years down the road.  However, creative writing is a skill that schools are pushing like crazy right now because it helps get them into college.  If you remember back a few years to those dreaded college essays you had to write, you will understand why creative writing in … [Read More...]

10 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes I’ve Tried and Loved

I decided today that I needed to share some of the best healthy breakfast recipes that I have tried over the last year or so.  I am passionate about eating a healthy breakfast.  I think I am part Hobbit because I would happily eat second breakfast every day if I could.  Sometimes we eat breakfast for dinner and those are always well received by the kids.  Depending on the day of the week and my … [Read More...]

Tropical Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe For Guilt Free Snacking

You will definitely want to make this tropical frozen yogurt bites recipe if you have a sweet tooth like I do.  Just because I am trying to lose a few pounds and eat healthier, doesn't mean my sweet tooth automatically goes away.  I love dessert and have always felt that a little something sweet after a meal just totally completes the dining experience.  In my younger days, a bowl of ice cream or … [Read More...]


Tropical Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe For Guilt Free Snacking

You will definitely want to make this tropical frozen yogurt bites recipe if you have a sweet tooth … [Read More...]

How to Make Homemade Extracts

Learn how to make homemade extracts and you will be able to add an amazing amount of flavor into … [Read More...]

Savory Mini Cheese Ball Recipes

This post about savory mini cheese ball recipes has been sponsored by Lunchbox but all opinions are … [Read More...]

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