DIY Screen Cleaner and Essentials to Pack in Your Computer Bag

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Now that the kids are back in school, I have the house to myself to get my work done.  No interruptions from children asking for a snack.  No kids begging to use the computer to play Minecraft.  Just me and the 4 walls of my office.  And BOY do I get sick of those 4 walls pretty quickly!  Last year during an extended power outage, I discovered the joy of working NOT from home.  Taking my laptop to Starbucks or the bookstore occasionally was a nice change of scenery and I accomplished quite a bit while I was away from home.  I decided that I will definitely be working from places outside the home more often this year to keep me from going stir crazy in my house.  When you are packing up your laptop, make sure you include this DIY computer screen cleaner as well as a few more essentials for your mobile work day!

DIY Screen Cleaner

DIY Screen Cleaner is a Frugal Way to Clean Your Electronics

PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure your computer manufacture does not warn against using alcohol based products on your computer screen! Read their recommendations on how to clean electronics screens for your particular brand of computer.

Supplies needed:

4 ounces 70 percent isopropryl alcohol (rubbing alchohol)

4 ounces distilled water

Small misting spray bottle (you can repurpose one if you have one at home)

Masking tape and permanent marker for labeling (optional)


Combine the alcohol and water in the mister bottle and mix gently.  To use, spray screen lightly and wipe with a lint free cloth.

DIY Screen Cleaner and Essentials to Pack in Your Computer Bag

Essentials to Pack in Your Computer Bag

If you are heading out to work  at your favorite coffee shop, here are a few things you should pack in your computer bag to make sure you have a productive outing!

  • Extra USB drive: You never know when you are going to have to move something from your desktop to someplace else.  If you need to print documents at the printer or share a file with a friend, you can’t always do this via email or Dropbox.
  • Audio-video cords:   If you ever need to do a presentation and have to hook your computer up to a large TV you will need audio-video cords.  They also come in handy if you want to stream a movie onto a larger television screen. This is especially helpful in hotel rooms!
  • Ethernet cords: While most places you go will have wireless internet, that isn’t ALWAYS the case.  If you ever have to access the internet via a wired connection you will need an Ethernet cord.
  • Screen cleaning supplies: Pack the DIY screen cleaner shown above in a small zip to lock plastic bag along with a soft cloth for cleaning the screen.  The plastic bag helps ensure that nothing leaks!
  • Power cord and mini surge protector:  Of course, don’t forget to pack your power cord when you head out the door.  You may also want to invest in a mini surge protector  (affiliate link!) just in case the stream of electricity from those public outlets isn’t as steady as it should be.
  • Wireless Mouse:  I don’t know about you but I much prefer using a mouse rather than the finger pad when I am trying to get work done on my laptop!  Make sure you bring extra batteries for it, too!

If you are in the market for a new laptop, I have been very happy with the Lenovo Yoga laptop with Intel 2 in 1 technology.  It is incredibly small yet very powerful, making it a great on the go laptop for working away from home.  Don’t do much work away from home?  Read my recent post about why your kitchen needs a Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop! Just click the photo below to learn more!
Lenovo Yoga 3
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  1. Thanks for sharing this cleaner. I've been cleaning my screen with a soapy sponge. That's not ideal.
  2. I prefer using a mouse too, and I always have one in my laptop bag. I'm definitely going to try the DIY screen cleaner!
  3. Genius thanks for this, I just used a wipe the other day, but it left little streaks that are bugging me.
  4. I haven't tried making my own screen cleaner yet. That's a great idea though!

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