Valentines Day Gifts for Mom That She Will Really Appreciate

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We are quickly approaching that oh so romantic holiday called Valentines Day.  Already, I have seen commercials that are promoting the perfect Valentines Day gifts for mom.  There are advertisements for diamond rings and fancy cars with red bows on top.  While these are certainly nice gift ideas, the beautiful Lexus would quickly be covered in food crumbs and dog slobber. The diamond ring would get lost in the garden. And who is going to watch  my kids while I cavort on the beach with my husband?  Sometimes I wonder if advertisers  really understand moms at all. They definitely don’t understand ME! I would much rather have a handmade valentine than expensive jewelry!

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Valentines Day Gifts for Mom That She Will Really Appreciate


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Valentines Day Gifts for Mom

While there are probably tons of mothers out there that would appreciate diamonds and pearls, I bet there are a lot more moms that have other ideas about what makes the perfect romantic gift.  Here are a few ideas for practical Valentines Day gifts for moms that you might want to consider:

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Maid service:

This would be my number one top choice for practical Valentines Day gifts for mom.  I want to sit in a chair and stare at a completely clean house…one that got clean through someone else’s hard work.  Feel free to hire someone from a professional agency or hand a mop and bucket to the kids.  Either way, nothing says romance like gleaming counter-tops and freshly folded laundry.

Valentines Day Gifts for Mom: To heck with the roses, do the laundry!

A quiet bath:

I don’t need a fancy day at an expensive spa.  I tried that once and found it very strange.  There was this oh-so-sexy young masseuse telling me to take off my clothes so he could rub his hands all over me.  Okay, that SOUNDS like fun but really, I am now nearly naked in front of a complete stranger just praying my stomach doesn’t growl (or God forbid, any OTHER bodily function make itself known!).  Talk about awkward!

Instead of a day at a spa, all I really want is to spend time in a long hot bath without any distractions.  Unlike last night’s bath when the children were arguing in the next room and the dog was licking shaving cream off my knee.  Music, candles, hot water and bubbles are the perfect Valentines Day gift for mom provided there are no toddlers throwing rubber duckies in the water while you try to sip your champagne! A collection of relaxing bubble bath would make great Valentines Day gifts for mom.

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The gift of sexy lingerie is always a popular one promoted on TV but I’m not sure how many moms actually wear it.  Women know their own bodies…they know which parts they want to hide more than others and what type of styles are the most flattering.  Men, however, seem to think all women look like those Victoria Secret models.  Any piece of black lace that is held together with 2 strings and a bow is not going to be particularly flattering to a middle aged woman who has had 2 children.  Of course, maybe you are way more confident in your body than I am but I would rather have a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top than something see-through and crotch-less!  Get her some soft pajama pants rather than leather and lace.

Valentines Day Gifts for Moms: To heck with the roses, do the laundry!


When I say romance, I don’t automatically mean sex.  Any couple that has been married for a while and has at least one child has probably gotten to the point in their marriage where romance takes a back seat to quick and quiet.  It is hard to find time to hold hands when there are children who want to climb in your lap.  Maybe you hear groans of “Ewwww, GROSS!” in the background when you kiss your hubby?  What many women want is romance and then MAYBE the sex.  Snuggle, hold hands, and talk to each other about something besides the kids and the bills.  If that romance leads to sex, well that is awesome too.  However if you have dreams of THAT happening, I highly recommend investing in the maid service and quiet bath options shown above.

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Something personal:

Instead of buying something pretty, romantic, and sparkly, consider making it instead.  Godiva chocolates are tasty but homemade pudding made by my children is pretty awesome too.  Diamonds are sparkly and pretty but are no match for a hand print heart with silver glitter made by my kids.  Why not frame the menu from the restaurant you went to on your first date or make a collage of pictures from your first days of dating.  I would much rather have something meaningful than expensive for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes the best Valentines Day gifts for moms are not the ones that are advertised on TV.  Especially if you are watching commercials for Victoria’s Secret!  Check out these best and worst Valentines Day gifts for moms on the Today Show. I may be a practical sort of mom but I can definitely say I wouldn’t appreciate a set of screwdrivers for Valentines Day!

Have other suggestions for Valentines Day gifts for mom? 

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  1. OMG, too perfect! I forwarded this post to my husband. Seriously, I don't want flowers - I want some time to myself and help with things on my to-do list!
  2. I'am so with you although jewelry sounds great I would rather have some alone time just to cuddle and hold hands my sons are 12 and 9 but still we find it hard to have just us time.

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