Uses For Baby Powder That Don’t Require a Baby!

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Have you ever bought a large container of talcum powder?  Have you ever actually used up the entire container? Probably not since some of those containers are huge  If you have too much and are wondering what to do with it, here are some uses for baby powder, even if you don’t have babies!

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How Long Is Baby Powder Good For, Anyhow?

I have a closet upstairs that is a convenient storage place for linens, towels and assorted cleaning supplies.  It is like a black hole of stuff…I put stuff in there and 3 years later it reappears and I wonder why the hell I have it. 

Eons ago I put baby powder in there.  I must have found it on sale because I think there are 3 large containers of it in there.  Why?  I have no idea!  My kids are teens so it isn’t like I have been powdering baby butts recently! 

In my quest to use old things in new ways, I decided I needed to find some creative uses for baby powder so I could get rid of it before hell freezes over!  How long is baby powder good for? Baby powder will generally have an expiration date printed on the container. Many modern baby powders contain cornstarch instead of talc, which means their shelf life is limited. If the container doesn’t have a printed date, you should assume it has expired if you’ve had it longer than three years.


Uses for Baby Powder that dont require a baby!

Handy Uses For Baby Powder

What do adults use baby powder for? There are  tons of ways to use up baby powder, even if you don’t have babies at home! If you are looking for a few new uses for baby powder, here are a few that I have discovered and if you don’t have any you can buy baby powder on Amazon

Use Baby Powder to Get Rid of Sand

This is one of my favorite uses for baby powder, especially since we will be heading down to the beach this summer for a few days.  Just sprinkle sandy children with baby powder and the sand will fall off as you brush the powder on.

makeup brushes with powder on them

Makeup Booster

Dust a small amount of baby powder on your eyelashes before you apply mascara.  Your eyelashes will look much fuller.  There are actually several ways to use baby powder in your beauty routine.  You can even use baby powder as setting powder.  Just use a large powder brush to set your makeup with baby powder. Make sure you only apply a small amount.  The powder will also work to absorb any excess oil

More Easy Beauty Tips


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Simple Laundry Aid

If you splatter your shirt with grease, sprinkle on baby powder and let sit a minute or two.  Brush off and repeat.  Rub in gently and wash as usual.

Baby Powder Uses in the Garden

One of the uses of baby powder that I had never heard of was as a gardening product.  Place 3 to 4 TBSP of baby powder in a zip to lock plastic bag.  Put your plant bulbs in there and shake gently.  Plant the bulbs as usual.  The baby powder will help prevent rot and ward off moles and other underground root pests.

Get Rid of Ants

Sprinkle baby powder on an ant trail to repel all the ant’s friends from finding it. Check out my post about how to get rid of ants in the kitchen for more ant killing techniques. 

Creative uses for baby powder

Baby Powder Fights Shoe Odor

Sprinkle baby powder in stinky shoes and help them smell fresh again.  Check out my sneaker sachet DIY for more ideas for stinky shoes.  You can use baking soda or baby powder in it.  You might also enjoy these other odor control ideas.

Jewelry Therapy

How to use baby powder to untangle necklaces: Lay your tangled necklace on a flat cloth. Dust it with baby powder to make it easier to untangle.  Gently pry the tangled bits apart with a pin until you can get your fingers on it. 

hands in rubber gloves cleaning toilet

Protect Hands in Rubber Gloves

If you wear rubber gloves to wash dishes or clean toilets, sprinkle baby powder in them to make them easier to slip on. What does baby powder do for your skin when your hands are in there?  Baby powder can work much like a moisturizer to help soothe extra dry and irritated skin.

Baby powder being shaken in hand outside

Baby Powder as Canine Skin Care

Sprinkle your dog with a bit of baby powder and rub into his fur.  It will leave him fresh smelling and act as a dry shampoo for his fur.  Baby powder is a great way to sooth a dog’s dry skin.  You can also check out my post on healthy dog coat tips for more pet care tips. 

Wooden Floor Care

If you have squeaky floor boards just sprinkle with baby powder and brush into the cracks with a broom.  The powder will help quite the squeaks.

If you find yourself with too much baby powder once your kid gets out of diapers, don’t throw it away!  Use baby powder in your beauty routine or around your home to save money and make your life easier!

Do you have any other uses for baby powder to share?



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