DIY Skin Moisturizing Spray with Rosemary and Glycerin

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I held out for as long as I could but we finally had to turn the heat on last week.  It’s no wonder that I went looking for skin moisturizing spray recipes this past weekend!  It seems like the moment I turn on the heat, my skin starts getting dry.  I am constantly slathering myself with moisturizers and am always looking for the best skin healing ingredients that I can find.  I started doing a bit of research and found that vegetable glycerin is great to keep skin moisturized. It has water binding capabilities which allow it to draw in and absorb moisture from the air.  That, in turn, can then help skin retain moisture.  It is often labeled as a skin protectant on the bottle for that very reason.  I decided to create a skin moisturizing spray with glycerin to see if it helps heal dry skin.  Rosemary essential oil was added because it is one of my favorite scents but you could certainly choose whichever essential oil is your favorite.  I will include a few affiliate links for shopping if you want to make this skin moisturizing spray for yourself.

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Easy DIY Skin Moisturizing Spray with Rosemary and Glycerin

This recipe will make about 1 cup of skin moisturizing spray.  You can make more or less, depending on your own personal needs.  However, make sure you get a glass spray bottle that will hold the volume you choose to make.  Also, I definitely recommend using a glass spray bottle rather than plastic.  Essential oils and plastic are usually not a great combination.  Also, you can add a tablespoon or two of aloe vera gel to this skin moisturizing spray.  I didn’t have any on hand but saw several recipes on Pinterest that called for it.

Skin Moisturizing Spray with Rosemary and Glycerin

 Easy DIY Skin Moisturizing Spray with Rosemary and Glycerin


Small spray bottle

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup Vegetable Glycerin

10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil



In a glass measuring cup, combine all ingredients.

Pour into the small spray bottle and screw on spray top.

Shake thoroughly before spraying.

Store in a cool, dark area to protect the essential oils.

To use, spray lightly on skin and rub in.


This dry skin remedy is incredibly easy to make and won’t cost a fortune, either.  The ingredients you purchase will make several batches and you won’t be paying a fortune for fancy dry skin remedies from high-end beauty retailers.   You could also use this solution as a spray for your hair to help combat frizz.

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Easy DIY Skin Moisturizing Spray with Rosemary and Glycerin

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