How to Make Easter Fun for Kids

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Easter means different things to different people. Obviously if you are of the Christian denomination, Easter has significant religious meaning for you.  If you aren’t the religious sort, maybe you just like Easter because you can gorge yourself on those decadent little creme filled chocolate eggs!  My family falls in both of those categories and while I feel the need to drag the kids to Easter church service, I also want to find ways to make Easter fun as well.

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How to Make Easter Fun for Kids

My kids are teenagers but they still get a lot of enjoyment out of the things we have been doing since they were toddlers.  It puts a smile on their faces to see the same plastic Easter eggs and the same hot crossed buns on Easter morning.  If you are wondering how to make Easter fun for kids, here are a few of the things we do in my house.

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1.  Let them help you shop for Easter outfits:  While I don’t feel the need to dress my kids exactly the same as each other, I do like color coordinated outfits if possible. Some years I have more luck with this idea than others.  Having teens means they are VERY vocal about their clothing opinions! But,  it is one of the few times of the year that my kids dress up in fancy clothes and I like to use it as a photo op. Let your kids help you choose the outfits they wear on Easter Sunday and those pretty clothes will be so much more meaningful for them.


2.  Let them help you cook your Easter meal.  Memories are made in the kitchen and letting your kids help you cook the Easter ham or some homemade hot cross buns will become a wonderfully fun tradition that they can pass on to their own children.

How to make easter fun for kids and adults

3.  Make them hunt for their baskets:  For the last several years, my children do not magically run downstairs and find Easter baskets on the coffee table.  Instead, they each are give one lonely little Easter egg with a clue inside.  That clue (for example, “Look where your dirty socks belong”) will lead them to another clue which leads to yet another clue.  After about 6 or 8 of these clues, they finally get to the final egg which will give them a hint as to where their Easter basket is hidden.  Make the clues harder the older your kids get.  They will have a blast running around the house looking for their baskets! You can leave a few bunny tracks to let them know they are getting close!

How to make easter fun for kids and adults

4.  Easter egg hunts:  Easter egg hunts are a fun way to get kids outside and running around.  You can do a large scale Easter egg hunt like at a local church or something small and simple in your back yard.  You can fill the eggs with candy, money, or small toys.  Make the eggs harder to find for older children and adults.  In my house, each child gets a different color egg and they can only keep their own eggs.  The eggs are filled with cash and are hidden VERY well.  Since I have teenagers, this makes a simple game of gathering eggs a bit more difficult!Easy-Easter-Craft-egg-shell-candles

5.  Get them involved in Easter Crafts:  Depending on the age of your child, there are a number of Easter crafts that will help make Easter fun for kids.  Whether you choose to make eggshell candles  or just die them with regular Easter egg dye, there are a ton of creative Easter crafts for kids.

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  1. These are great ideas! I always dread my kids growing up and loosing the thrill of the holidays. These are great ways to keep the magic alive!
  2. I love the bunny track idea, how cute! These are some good ideas for keeping it fun for older children.
  3. What cute ideas are these. Easter is one of my favorite holidays so I will definitely incorporate some of these! Thanks!
  4. Grace Hodgin says
    You have some fun ideas and I never thought about color coordinating outfits but it is a great idea. I also agree that hunting for baskets are so much more fun than just having them waiting for them. We always had scavenger hunts to find ours and those are memory makers.
  5. Great ideas!!! I LOVE Easter so much - the decor, the traditions, the season (and of course, most importantly, the religious meaning). Pinning!

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