How to Blow Out an Egg for Decorating

Easter is fast approaching and Easter egg decorating is on many of our 'to do' lists this month.  If you are tired of buying plastic eggs or want to save your 'real' eggs from year to year, you need to learn how to blow out an egg for decorating.  We have attempted this project several times and have learned a few key tips over the years that I thought I would share with you.  If you really want to have fun with this, hand the eggs to your kids and then grab the camera.  There are some seriously fun Easter memories to be … [Read more...]

Fun Easter traditions from Around the World

With the coming of spring we also celebrate the season of Easter in the Christian church.  Well, to be honest, even non Christians are celebrating Easter nowadays. Are you looking for some fun Easter traditions to start with your kids?  This holiday has less and less of a religious meaning to many people and instead is just a day for children to gorge themselves on candy and run around looking for little plastic eggs. Our family falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to Easter traditions.  I make sure my children understand the … [Read more...]

How to Make Easter Fun for Kids

Trying to figure out how to make Easter fun for kids?  From Easter candy to pretty spring outfits, kids of all ages will enjoy these Easter ideas for families.  Now, go grab your baskets and egg decorating tools!      What is the meaning of Easter? Easter means different things to different people. Obviously if you are of the Christian denomination, Easter has significant religious meaning for you.  If you aren't the religious sort, maybe you just like Easter because you can gorge yourself on those … [Read more...]

Easy Easter Dessert Recipe: Birds Nest Pudding Tarts

This Easter Dessert Recipe has been sponsored by Global Influence with products supplied by Hershey's. Homemade pudding tarts are a simple Easter dessert  you can make for your family.  Simple tart shells are filled with pudding, topped with toasted coconut and decorated with egg shaped candy.  An easy Easter dessert recipe everyone will enjoy.   Making Easter special for kids When I was growing up, there were certain Easter traditions that were very important to me even as a child.  Buying a pretty new … [Read more...]

Easy Easter Crafts: Egg Shell Candles

My family buys their eggs from a small, local farmer and come spring, the chickens are laying a LOT of eggs!  Eggs are a great way to get more protein without actually increasing your meat consumption.  However, what do you do with all the eggshells that are left over after breakfast?  I will frequently use them in the garden to deter slugs or just toss them in the compost bin but there are a lot of creative ways to use them to decorate your house.  Making Egg Shell Candles is one of the easy Easter crafts that I enjoy because it is also a … [Read more...]