How to Care for Feet That Work Out Regularly

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After a relatively lazy summer, I am back at the gym and lacing up my workout shoes on a regular basis. If I want to fight that sluggish middle aged metabolism, I can’t just sit around watching my favorite crime dramas on TV all day – especially with my love of desserts and anything covered in cheese!  Daily workouts help me keep fitting into my pants!  If you work out regularly, your feet probably take quite a beating.  Feet that spend a lot of time in sweaty socks, pounding the pavement or hitting the trails are probably sore, tired and in need of tender loving care on a regular basis.

If you want your feet to keep carrying you the extra mile, you need to learn how to take care of feet properly.  When AmLactin reached out to me about partnering with them to discuss how to care for feet, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a few foot care tips with you.  Keep reading to learn how to keep feet healthy and enter the AmLactin giveaway for a chance to win $100 worth of AmLactin products. Check out my post about summer foot care tips for more info.

How to Care for Feet That Work Out Regularly

How to Care for Feet that Work Out Regularly

Invest in high-quality shoes:

I am all about saving money where I can but I refuse to skimp on shoes.  Research the type of shoes that are best suited for your personal workout style.  I enjoy running in a minimalist shoe on hard, flat surfaces but prefer a sturdy shoe with lots of ankle support for running on rougher terrain.  If I am heading out on the trail, I always wear hiking boots with lots of ankle support. Wearing the right shoe can prevent a number of foot injuries  Make sure they aren’t too big but leave yourself plenty of toe room or you will end up with blackened toenails and seriously angry feet.

Foot Care Tips and How to Care for Feet

Pamper your feet with regular foot soaks:

If you are wondering how to care for feet to help relieve aches and pains, a muscle relieving foot soak can be a big help.  Foot pain is a common problem for people who work out regularly.  There are many ways to alleviate foot pain at home using  ingredients that you probably already have.  My favorite is Epsom salt!  Fill the tub or a small basin with a few inches of warm water.  Add a few handfuls of Epsom salt and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.  Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you like.

Foot Care Tips and How to Care for Feet

Remove dead skin:

If you really want your feet to look pretty, you need to remove the dead skin, calluses and assorted rough spots caused by repeated friction inside your shoe.  After soaking, gently remove calluses with a pumice stone or other foot care tool designed to remove dead skin.  Add an exfoliating foot care cream like AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream.  AmLactin moisturizers contain powerful alpha-hydroxy therapy that gently exfoliates and intensely hydrates dry skin—for relief you can trust.

Amlactin and Foot Care Tips

Keep your nails trimmed: 

Keeping your nails trimmed will help prevent toenail injuries.  Trim your toenails straight across rather than in a curved pattern. This helps prevent ingrown toenails. Nails should never reach the end of the toe in length.  If you have trouble trimming your toenails due to physical limitations or extremely thick toenails, make an appointment with your podiatrist.

Amlactin Foot care and How to Care for Feet that Work Out Regularly

Moisturize regularly:

Keep your feet hydrated by moisturizing them regularly.  Massage lotion into the feet and nail bed regularly at bedtime.  Ask a significant other or really good friend for a foot massage to pamper sore muscles.  If you can’t find anyone willing to tackle your tired feet, check out spas in your area.  A few dollars spent on a foot massage can really make a big difference in how your feet feel.  Use AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream to help moisturize feet to keep skin soft and smooth.

Amlactin and Foot Care Tips

AmLactin’s powerful alpha-hydroxy therapy exfoliates and hydrates so skin is soft and smooth.  It improves your feet’s softness and smoothness.  It is fragrance-free, non-greasy and trusted by dermatologists for over 20 years. You can get great skin without breaking the bank because it is available on Amazon for less than $12.

Amlactin and Foot Care Tips

Now that you know how to care for feet, tie up your sneakers and head out for a run.  Then, come home and pamper them for a bit before strapping on some sandals and heading out on the town!

Have any other foot care tips you’d like to share?

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