Do You Eat Flax Seeds Daily? Here’s Why You Should Start!

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I have been trying to clean out the pantry this week to clear out the junk and restock the healthy stuff.  I found a container of flax seeds in there that was getting seriously neglected.  I would have to eat flax seeds daily for the rest of the year to make a dent in this container so I’ve been doing some research.  There are tons of health benefits of flax seeds, right?  So, what exactly are those flax seed health benefits and how can I eat this whole container before they go bad?

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Heath Benefits of Flax Seeds and Why Eat Flax Seeds Daily.

5 Reasons to Eat Flax Seeds Daily

Support brain health with flax seeds: Flax seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids.  They are important for overall brain health as well as for preventing memory loss and depression. In order for your brain to function at peak performance, proper nutrition is key.

They help keep you regular: One reason to eat flax seeds daily is for improved digestion and to keep things ‘moving’ as they should.  Flax seeds are high in fiber which keeps your intestinal track healthy.

A great source of protein:  I am trying hard to find non animal sources of protein.  Not that I am giving up the occasional hamburger or my favorite chicken dish but reducing animal protein where I can benefits both me AND the environment.  If you are looking for non animal sources of protein, flax seeds are a good source. They contain 10 grams in each 3 tablespoon serving.

Flax seeds may fight cancer:  One of the reasons I found to eat flax seeds daily was their therapeutic effect on an assortment of cancers.  Check out this post on for more information on how flax seeds may fight cancer.

Flax seeds Help to Reduce Inflammation:  Inflammation causes a ton of different problems from arthritis to an assortment of autoimmune diseases.  Flax seeds help reduce inflammation which may help reduce pain as well.

Easy Overnight Oats Recipes

Best way to eat flax seeds?

You can find flax seeds in a lot of different forms.  Flax seed oil, whole flax seeds or ground flax seed meal.  Which is the best flax seed for your body?  Well, it depends on what you want it to do!  Whole flax seeds are more stable so you can keep them at room temperature.  However, your body really doesn’t digest them well so you don’t get all those good fatty acids out of them.

Ground flax seed meal needs to be refrigerated and used within a couple of months.  It is great for baking, tossing into granola, stirring into yogurt or putting in your morning oatmeal.  Check out my easy overnight oats (pictured above) if you want to try a really easy breakfast recipe.  Here is an affiliate link for a Flax Seed Mill that you can fill with flax seeds and keep on your kitchen table.  Grind as needed!

Flax seed oil must be refrigerated and should not be heated.  Add to smoothies for all the health benefits of flax seeds without even noticing it is in there.  Here is an affiliate link for a flax seed oil supplement if you don’t want to worry about adding it to your food.

Flax Seed Health Benefits


Flax seed health warnings: Like many things that are good for you, they do come with a couple of precautions as well.  While most people can eat flax seeds daily with no problems, check out or talk to your doctor before adding them to your diet. Pregnancy, certain allergies, digestive issues, and certain other health conditions may result in complications from eating flax seeds.

Eating flax seeds is an easy and tasty way to boost health.  I will definitely be adding more of these to my diet in the coming months, although not sure I can make it through the container in my pantry alone.  I see a few more baked goods for my family in my near future!

Do you eat flax seeds daily?



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  1. I don't eat them daily, but I probably should. I do enjoy them occasionally in granola and on my yogurt.
  2. I do eat ground flaxseed 5 or 6 times a week, mixed in yogurt or in smoothies. I knew it was good for me but I didn't realise just how good! I really enjoyed reading this post. Very pleased to hear about it's cancer fighting properties as well as that it can reduce inflammation.
  3. katrina gehman says
    i actually do eat flax everyday. i usually put it in my oatmeal. it helps for so many things.
  4. Thanks for sharing this great info. I've heard a lot about how good flax seed is for you. I haven't been specifically eating flax on its own, but it is generally in the breads that I buy.
  5. Oooh, your overnight oats recipe looks great! I should try them in a smoothie sometime.

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