How to Avoid Razor Burn Even With Sensitive Skin

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Having been blessed (or cursed) with fair skin and dark hair means that even after a day of not shaving, I have very visible stubble.  What’s even worse is that I HATE the feeling of stubbly legs rubbing up against one another.  If you want to be one of those empowered women who refuses to shave and dyes their underarm hair pink, you go right ahead.  ME?  I have no desire to have hairy legs at all, even in winter.  That means I pretty much have to shave every single day of my life.  Yes, it’s a bit of a time suck, especially seeing as I have sensitive skin and can’t just rush through the whole process.  I have learned a few tips over the years for avoiding razor burn if you shave a lot like I do with sensitive skin.

Avoiding Razor Burn

How to Avoid Razor Burn Even With Sensitive Skin

Never, ever shave dry!  I know, shaving is a pain and you don’t always have time for a shower or bath, right?  Well, if you are wondering how to avoid razor burn, I am sorry to say that you need to get those legs thoroughly wet before going at them with a razor.  Get in and wash your hair, face, etc before tackling your shaving.

How to Avoid Razor Burn While Shaving

Lather properly: Not only do your legs need to be wet but they need to have some sort of shaving cream/lotion on them.  Do not shave with only water and for heaven’s sake do not use soap.  It is very drying to your skin and not the gentlest of shaving products.  I used the Gillette Olay Vanilla Cashmere that I was sent and it smelled heavenly.  It gave me a nice, close shave and left my legs feeling smooth and soft.

Go in the right direction. Shave with the grain of the hair (ie, run the razor DOWN your leg, not up!), in short, gentle strokes. Going against the direction the hair is going may cause ingrown hairs and increase razor burn. I must admit, this one is hard for me to do.  It feels unnatural at first but it does decrease irritation when I do it.

How to Avoid Razor Burn

Use the right razor and replace it often:  The key to avoiding razor burn is to take care of your razors.  Old razors get dull and end up with bacteria growing where they shouldn’t.  Both of these factors can act as causes of razor burn for people with sensitive skin.  Rinse your razor thoroughly and store it in a relatively dry spot. Replace it every few weeks.  Use a razor for sensitive skin like the Venus Disposable.  Venus Disposables give a close shave for sensitive skin and have 3 blades surrounded by soft, protective cushions.  The pivoting rounded head fits easily into hard-to-shave areas which is really nice for sensitive bikini areas.

Cleanse and Soothe After Shaving:  Make sure you rinse, wash with a gentle soap, pat dry and follow up with a gentle moisturizer after you shave.  This will help rinse off any excess shaving cream, close up your pores, and replace any oils that were removed during your shower and shaving. If you use a shaving product with plenty of moisturizers you don’t need to moisturize afterwards.

Avoiding Razor Burn with Venus Razors

Everyone is different when it comes to their shaving needs.  Whether you are trying to figure out how to avoid razor burn or need to condition super dry legs, Venus has a razor that will help!   Venus created Choose Your Smooth – a way to help you choose the perfect razor for your lifestyle. They matched three razors (Venus Swirl, Venus & Olay, Venus Disposable) with a personality based on the razor features.  Which one do you think YOU are?


The Venus Swirl is for the Perfectionist because it leaves your legs flawlessly smooth! It has 5 contour blades and Flexiball technology that contours to every curve for flawless skin.

The Venus & Olay razor is for the Multitasker because it moisturizes as you shave – no need for shave cream!  It has 5 blades and Olay Moisture Bars that release skin conditioners to help lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness.

The Venus Disposable is for the On-The-Go-Girl because it’s perfectly suited for the active lifestyle. Perfect for your gym bag or suitcase and can be thrown away when needed. Venus Disposables give a close shave for sensitive skin and has 3 blades surrounded by soft, protective cushions.  The pivoting rounded head fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.

Learn more and shop for Venus razors at Walmart

Watch the video below and  Choose Your Smooth!

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  1. I always look for razors for sensitive skin. They really do help!
  2. There are many pains in life that can't be avoided, but razor burn just isn't one of them. These are great reminders for saving our skin from unnecessary irritation.
  3. Razor rash is the worst! I think it is worse than even the knick and cuts you can get shaving. These are great tips to help with sensitive skin.
  4. Razor burn is the worst! thanks for sharing these tips. I've got to give this Venus Swirl a try. Rash (and the occasional nick) is no bueno.
  5. These are good tips for avoiding razor burn. I have the Venus razors and need to get more of the shaving cream. Love the products!

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