Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

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While I enjoy shoe shopping, I am very picky about the shoes I buy.  I tend to buy high-quality shoes that I know will last.  My preference is for practical shoes rather than something that will only match with one outfit.  I have no need for a pair of cherry red heels but a pair of black boots will be worn regularly for years.  I have started to buy shoes online.  There is a much better selection online to choose from compared to the local shoe stores.  I thought I would share a few shoe shopping tips to help you make your online shoe shopping experience a little bit easier! My shoe shopping experience with 4EurSole was quick and pain-free.  I definitely recommend you check them out for your next shoe shopping experience and then check out my tips for healthy feet to help you feel your best.

How to Buy Online Shoes That Actually Fit!

Whether you are back to school shopping for your kids or you need a new pair of work heels, shoe shopping is challenging and expensive. Returning shoes to an online shoe store is a pain. Keep in mind a few of these shoe shopping tips before you buy online shoes.

  • Know the size of your foot:  Returns can be difficult so make sure you know the exact size of your foot.  Head to a shoe store and have it measured.  Ask the assistant about width as well.
  • Do you have structural issues?  Ask your doctor about any structural issues that may be obvious about your feet. For example, do you have flat feet? Bursitis is another common foot problem that many people suffer from.
  • What kind of shoe do you want to buy? Are you looking for comfort and stability?  Are you buying a holiday shoe that will only be worn for a few hours at church or your office party?  I prefer to find party shoes that will be able to be worn again for a business meeting or dinner out with my husband.
  • Read customer reviews: I am amazed at some of the horrible quality products available online.  Make sure you read the reviews on the particular shoe that you are interested in buying.
  • Determine the correct size for the shoe:  Sizing can be a bit tricky.  While you need to know the size of your foot specifically, sizes will vary quite a bit.  Make sure you pull up the company’s online sizing chart.  Also, read the online reviews to see what other buyers say about how the sizes fit.
  • Call or e-mail the company with questions:  Most places have an online help desk that will answer your questions.  Call or email them to discuss a shoe you are interested in.  They can answer sizing questions, as well as concerns you may have about particular structural conditions you may have.

Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

My Shoe Shopping Experience with 4EurSole

4EurSole is designed for women who are always on the go.  Women like me (and probably YOU) with daily commitments to family, clients, and friends. Their shoes provide all-day comfort, durability and slip resistance which makes living our busy lives SO much easier. However, in addition to being practical, they offer great styling and versatility.  They have a wide range of sandals, shoes, and boots to fit just about every shoe need you could possibly have!  You can choose from:

Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

Comfortable Wedge Boots For Women:

4EurSole  has a wide variety of boots that are actually both stylish AND comfortable. They can be worn all day so you not only LOOK great but your feet FEEL great when you get home from work! I received the  waterproof black leather high wedged lacer boot.  Let me tell you, it has come in handy in the recent snow!  I love that it is both waterproof AND attractive! This boot is sturdy enough that you won’t slip on wet sidewalks and has a great non skid bottom.  Plenty of ankle support and very comfy!

Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

Comfortable Shoes For Women

4EurSole also offers a wide selection of comfortable shoes for women that range from slip ons and loafers to Mary Janes and lace-up shoes.  They are amazingly stylish with clean lines and an attractive practicality that I really appreciate.

I received the mahogany slip-on shoe and absolutely love the way it looks with my bell-bottomed leggings.  Yes, I have several pairs of bell bottoms…did you know they are making a come back?  And bell bottom leggings are SO comfy.  When I want to run out, I just slip my feet into these easy to slip on but attractive shoes and off I go in both comfort AND style!

Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

I also got to try out their Black casual sport loafers.  These are a beautiful cross between a functional loafer and a fashionable flat.  Seriously comfy, it goes with everything from jeans to dress pants! It is constructed of full-grain leather, breathable mesh and suede accents.  It’s very soft and designed to block sweat and odor-causing bacteria.  I love that the foundation of this shoe is comprised of a non-marking, slip-resistant recycled rubber outsole. I see these getting a lot of wear in the coming years!


If you are looking for a wardrobe upgrade but are pressed for time, you should definitely buy online shoes.  However, it will take a bit of research to find the perfect shoe that fits your foot AND your lifestyle! You can learn more about 4EurSOle by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you ever buy online shoes?

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Buy Online Shoes But Read These Shoe Shopping Tips First!

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