10 Habits of Happy People That You Need to Adopt This Year

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Well, the year is coming to a close and it has been a hectic one.  While I am not exactly depressed, I would not say I am wildly happy right now either.  I have spent too much time focusing on work, bills, and the day to day chores that have to get done.  I’m taking charge next year of my emotional well being and have been reading up on the 10 habits of happy people that I should adopt.  I live a good life and want to live it to it’s fullest.  Unfortunately, I am a very high strung, Type A kind of person.  If there is something to worry about, I will find it.

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10 Habits of Happy People That You Need to Adopt This Year


10 Habits of Happy People

In order to stress less and live life to it’s fullest, here are a few things I am going to try to incorporate more of into my life.  These are 10 habits of happy people (according to Google!) that I am hoping will brighten my outlook on life and reduce my stress levels this year.

Get more exercise:

Exercise releases chemicals in our brain that give us a natural high.  One of the top 10 habits of happy people is that they exercise regularly.  Not only do they get a high from working out, but they also feel happier about the way their body looks. Consider attending your first yoga class this week.  I usually make it to the gym a few times a week but this month has been a wash when it comes to working out.  This needs to be a priority in January! Do some research on gifts for fitness enthusiasts and then put them on your Christmas list!

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Sleep more:

Being overtired makes toddlers cranky.  It also makes mommy cranky.  I have instituted a 10 PM bedtime for myself with 30 minutes of reading allowed.  That will give me about 7 hours of sleep before the 5:30 AM wake-up call comes.  Not quite the 8 hours that experts recommend but pretty close.  Apparently, sleep affects our sensitivity to negative emotions so happier people get more sleep!

Spend more time with friends and family:

All work and no play makes mommy a dull girl.  I need to learn to walk away from the computer, ignore the email, and shut down social media.  Less time working and more time with real people is one of the top 10 habits of happy people that I will definitely enjoy starting!

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Increase your outside time:

This one is hard when it is cold and rainy but I definitely need to spend more time outside.  Whether it is the Vitamin D or just some aspect of absorbing sunlight, I am always happier when I am outside.  My garden has been woefully ignored this year so I will be getting my hands back in the dirt in the spring.

Find ways to help others:

While it may be hard to find the time, helping others makes humans happier.  My family has started volunteering at the food bank which definitely gives me a feel good feeling after we leave. I also volunteered at a river cleanup this year with my daughter.  I would like to find more ways to help others in the coming year and want to make charitable giving part of my monthly goals. Find what you are passionate about.  Start a lending library or volunteer at your child’s school.  Just get involved. 


Top 10 Habits of Happy People

Start meditating:

Meditation helps quiet and refocus the mind.  I recently went to a meditation class and hope to adopt this healthy habit in the new year.  Check out my post over on Turning the Clock Back on  Simple Meditation Tips for Mindful Living.

Learn to forgive:

One of the 10 habits of happy people that I found is that they don’t hold onto a grudge.  Learn to forgive people who have wronged you.  Let go of the stress of that anger and you will find yourself to be a much  happier person.

Top 10 Habits of Happy People


Remember that money cannot buy happiness:

While having no money can be stressful, having a lot of money cannot buy you happiness.  If you are working overtime to buy things that you think will make you happy, rethink your priorities.  A trip to Jamaica will not make you happy in the long run.  If you are not happy with your life, no material THING can change that.

Engage in Meaningful Activities:  

Watching TV is not a particularly meaningful activity.  Busy adults don’t get a lot of free time so we need to make sure we choose leisure activities that bring us happiness.  Turn off the TV for a few minutes and think about what you COULD be doing that would make you happier right now. Start a bullet journal and organize your thoughts.

Top 10 Habits of Happy People

Foster Friendships:

Being alone all the time is depressing.  One of the top 10 habits of happy people is that they have a strong network of friends.  Join a club, take up a hobby or just force yourself to get out and about occasionally.  You will never make real friends sitting inside on your computer all day.  And NO, online friends don’t count when it comes to developing a strong network of friendships.

Given the number of things we have on our to do list, it probably isn’t possible to tackle all 10 habits of happy people mentioned here.  I am hoping to do one or two a day.  Maybe Tuesday I work out and Wednesday I go to lunch with a friend.  That means Thursday will be work at my computer day!  But, taking baby steps on the road to happiness is a good start, right?

What will make YOU happy in the coming year?

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