Add These 5 Things to Your Wedding Plan Checklist

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I just found out recently that my niece is getting married next year.  And she is on the ball when it comes to her wedding plan checklist.  She already knows that they want an outdoor wedding and how many guests they want to invite.  They have already discussed a tentative menu and other little details that make a wedding YOUR special day.  I don’t think I was that organized about wedding planning when I got married and I’m impressed!

If you will be planning a wedding in the coming year, there are many things you can do to make your day special and have it run smoothly.  And can definitely help create the perfect wedding day for you!

5 Things to Add to Your Wedding Plan Checklist

Add These 5 Things to Your Wedding Plan Checklist

Whether you are planning a wedding on a budget or have an endless supply of money, you want a perfect wedding day, right?  Well, add these 5 things to your wedding checklist to have it go off without a hitch!

Start a Wedding Folder or Binder

The early stages of wedding planning are basically geared towards idea organization.  Whether you choose to flip through bridal magazines or you want to to include a printable wedding checklist in your folder, it is up to you.  But, a binder or folder will keep your wedding ideas organized as long as you only put things in there that you TRULY want.  If you are working on a shoestring budget, don’t put wedding ideas about horse and carriage rides or over the top bridal gowns in there!

Don’t forget to add information about your rehearsal dinner and honeymoon in there, too!  A wedding is more than just a one day event.

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Work out Your Budget

Before you start planning a wedding, you need to know how much money you are working with.  This will guide just about every single item you put on your wedding plan checklist until the big day.  Be realistic about your budget.  My husband and I got married for about $5,000.  And my best friend’s wedding cost $30,000.  I don’t think my marriage is any less happy than hers is but we had a lot less debt to deal with a month later.  Do not go into debt over your wedding! Check out if you need a budget calculator for your wedding.

Create a Wedding Website

A wedding website is a great way to share your special day with your friends.  Head over to and create a FREE wedding website quickly and easily.  You can add photos of you and your soon to be spouse, details about your upcoming wedding, a link to your bridal registry, and all the other pertinent information you need.

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Choose Your Vendors

You need to choose wedding vendor incredibly early in your wedding planning process.  Some vendors will book up QUICKLY, especially if they are in high demand or you are getting married mid summer.  Schedule your cake tasting, menu tasting, and flower smelling early to make sure you get the vendors you really want for your wedding. Decide what sort of wedding invitations you want and if you want to make them yourself or have them created for you.


Create a Registry

A bridal registry should be number one on your wedding planning checklist. We recently went to a friend’s wedding who did not have a bridal registry.  It made shopping for them very complicated!   You can even put things like charitable donations on your bridal registry if you really don’t want wedding gifts.  It is just really helpful to let friends and family know what you want on your big day.

And you know what is really unique about a Zola wedding registry?  You get to take 20% OFF remaining gifts on your registry post-wedding!  How awesome is that?



There are SO many items to put on your wedding plan checklist if you want your big day to run smoothly.  If you aren’t sure where to get started, head over to the website.  They can help you create a free wedding website, design your dream wedding registry, or design simple yet elegant wedding invitations!

What will YOU put on your wedding plan checklist for your special day?


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