How to be Productive Even with Kids at Home!

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Being a mom is stressful. You may have teens who need to be driven places and babies who need naps.  There is homework to help with even though you don’t understand basic math anymore. There are field trips to remember and possibly chaperone.  And there are more after school activities than you remember signing up for. If you have any hope of getting the housework done, you need to learn how to be productive while balancing a baby on your hip and a phone on your shoulder.

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If you have any hope of getting the housework done, you need to learn how to be productive while balancing a baby on your hip and a phone on your shoulder.  


How to be productive even with kids home

Tired of eating breakfast at noon and not accomplishing anything on your to do list?  Follow these tips on how to be productive even with kids at home.

Consolidate Your Errands. 

When you have a kid free hour, make the most of it.  Plot out the stores you need to go to and make the most of your time. Being organized is the first step to being productive.  Don’t waste time driving that could be spent being productive.

How to be productive even if the kids are home

Make a realistic to do list. 

Don’t put 40 things on it at need to get done this week. Write down your top 5 must do items to tackle in a day. In order to learn how to be productive, you need to learn how to set realistic goals.  Otherwise, you just get depressed when you look at how few things you checked off during the day.

Work in 15 minutes intervals. 

Children have the attention span of gnats.  Use your time wisely.  Set them up with play dough, a book on tape, or an art project and then work your butt off on one item on your to do list.  When their attention span lapses, play with them and give them some one on one time before setting them up with their next project.


Invest in a timer. 

Children need to learn that you are not always at their beck and call. Set a timer for 20 minutes (more or less depending on age) and place it where they can see it.  Tell them that when the timer goes off, you can do something with them.  When the timer is ticking, you are not available to play.  Just make sure to give them quality time between sessions!

Have a ‘work basket’. 

This concept is derived from the ‘nursing basket’ I put together for my 2 year old when my daughter was born.  Get a laundry basket.  Fill it with assorted toys and books that ONLY come out when you really need to work to meet a deadline.  Get your basket toys from Goodwill or garage sales or the Target clearance rack. Just make sure you get them out judiciously when you really need to meet a deadline.

How to be productive

Try to stick to a schedule. 

I truly believe that children thrive on a consistent schedule. You don’t need to be rigid about it but set a standard bedtime and stick to regular meal times whenever possible.  With a regular schedule, your children will learn the difference between playtime and work time.

Enlist help.

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a kid.  Ask your friends with children if they want to trade childcare hours.  You take their kids for a few hours one day and then they take yours for a few hours.  Think of how much you could accomplish with a few child free hours!

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Childhood can be a magical time to make memories so don’t be an ‘all work and no play’ kind of parent.  Need ideas? Check out Popsugar’s post on 100 Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer.

Take it from a mom who now has teenagers…your kids will not be little forever.  Learn how to be productive but never, EVER forget to cherish every moment with your children. If I could go back 10 years and have my little preschoolers back again, I would do it in a heartbeat. Find a balance between the things you NEED to do and the things your children WANT to do.

Have any other tips for being productive even as a busy mom?

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