Best Uses for Eggs Besides Eating Them For Breakfast!

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Do you have too many eggs this week?  Eggs are amazing little creations.  They can be scrambled, fried or poached depending on your personal preferences.  The are packed with protein and incredibly versatile.  When my husband and I found out that our city has decided to allow residents to keep chickens, we were thrilled.  We have been looking at the best way to contain them, how to raise chickens in the suburbs, and the best uses for eggs that we might not have ever thought of.  Why?  Because the people I know who have their own chickens have a LOT of eggs.  What do you do with them all when you are tired of making egg recipes?

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Uses for eggs besides eating them for breakfast

Best Uses for Eggs Besides Eating Them For Breakfast!

If you have an abundant source of eggs and don’t know what to do with them all, here are a few uses for eggs that you might find helpful!

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Using Eggs in Health and Beauty

Eggs are loaded with great nutrients.  That means, not only are eggs healthy to EAT, they come in pretty handy in beauty products, too.

  • A cure for a hangover:  Mix yourself a Prairie Oyster after a night of too much partying. Combine one raw egg with one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.  Add some hot sauce, salt and pepper, and a dash of Tabasco. Drink up!
  • Homemade beauty products: Eggs  can be used in homemade facials,shampoos, conditioners and occasionally even soaps.

egg crafts and decorating

Egg Crafts and Games

If you have kids, egg crafts and games are a great way to use leftover eggs.  You might want to hardboil the eggs before using them just in case they get a tad bit dented during play!

  •  Turn them into game pieces:  Children’s games are a great way to use up old eggs and keep your kids busy at the same time.  Give your kids a spoon and place the egg on it.  (Hard boiled is probably best!).  Now, set up a start and finish line and see who can go from point A to point B the fastest without dropping the egg!
  • Egg science experiments.  There are dozens of science experiments that can be performed with eggs.  Encourage your budding scientist with these egg science experiments on
  • Decorate them:  First learn how to blow out an egg.  Then, get creative decorating them.
  • Homemade glue: The protein in egg whites will set firmly when they dry.  Use them on paper as a ‘school glue’  substitute.  It doesn’t form a very STRONG glue so gluing anything other than paper probably won’t work.

Best Uses for eggs in the garden

Ways to Use Eggs in House and Garden

The nutrients that are so healthy for US to eat are also great for the health of our garden.  Here are a few a of the best uses for eggs around the house.

  • As a garden aid: Eggshells are wonderful sources of calcium.  Some people even place a whole, unbroken raw egg in the hole before putting in their plant.
  • Animal feed:  While most veterinarians do not recommend feeding animals ‘people food’, others swear by giving pets nutritious human foods in the correct balance.  I used to cook my dog’s food from scratch and while time consuming, she was very healthy. You can use raw eggs or cooked and some people even include the shells.  Do some research and talk to your pet’s vet before doing this.
  • Leather cleaner:  Eggs are full of nutrients and that makes them good for cleaning leather.  The protein and fat will help keep it supple and shiny.  Gently rub beaten eggs onto shoes, bags or even your sofa. Wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Earn extra money:  Have too many eggs?  Bet there are a lot of people who would pay good money for them!  Put up a sign in your local library or grocery store that you have eggs for sale!


Uses for Eggs Besides Eating them For Breakfast

Have any other creative uses for eggs that I missed?

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  1. I had no idea there were so many ways to use eggs besides eat them. When we had too many, we often sold them.

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