How to Make Frozen Wine Cocktails and Easy Frozen Wine Cocktail Recipes

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I remember  (many years ago!) enjoying delicious Arbor Mist frozen wine cocktails during a summer BBQ. They were so delicious!  With the weather finally warming up, I am craving frozen wine cocktails for refreshing splurge. I spent the weekend cleaning off the patio and can’t wait to start relaxing out there and listening to the frogs in the pond!  If you are wondering how to make frozen wine cocktails, I thought I would share a few tips. Check out my post on basic bar essentials before you host your next party.

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Refreshing summer drink lime frozen cooler or slushie

Best Frozen Drink Makers for Slushies and Cocktails

If you want to learn how to make frozen wine cocktails that are incredibly smooth, you need a high powered blender.  I use my Ninja kitchen system but you can get several different varieties.  Here are a few you might consider for making frozen wine cocktails:

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How to Make Frozen Wine Cocktails

Years ago, I didn’t really know how to make frozen wine cocktails and they turned out a bit wonky.  I gave up for a while and used Arbor Mist frozen pouches.  They were good, but you are limited as to the flavors you can make.  If you want to go beyond the Arbor Mist frozen wine cocktails that you can buy in the store, here are a few tips for making homemade frozen wine cocktails:

Using frozen fruit in blended cocktail recipes give it a much thicker consistency.

Start with frozen fruit

You can buy your own fresh fruit and freeze it but honestly, I find it easier to buy large bags of frozen fruit at the grocery store.  Using frozen fruit in blended cocktail recipes give it a much thicker consistency.  Make sure pieces of fruit are small enough that your blender doesn’t struggle to puree them!

Use crushed ice rather than chunks

Large chunks of ice are hard for blenders to crush.  If you don’t have a powerful blender, you may damage the motor with large cubes of ice.  Start out with less ice than you think you will need.  You can always add more once the blender has taken care of the first batch.

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Add the liquid first

When making frozen wine cocktails, add the cold liquid FIRST, then follow that up with frozen fruit and ice.  This keeps large chunks from freezing together at the bottom.

Blend slowly and not for too long

Don’t just crank your blender up on high right away.  To get that smooth but thick consistency like the Arbor mist frozen pouches, you need to start low and slow.  THEN, speed things up.  And don’t over mix your frozen cocktails.  If you do, they will end up thin and runny.  If you need to adjust the recipe a bit, to so gradually.  Add more ice or more wine as needed but in small amounts.

If you want to go beyond the Arbor Mist frozen wine cocktails that you can buy in the store, here are a few tips for making homemade frozen wine cocktails.

Serve them in chilled glasses

Frozen wine cocktails are going to melt but putting them in warm or even room temperature glasses makes this process go much faster.  Chill your glasses for several hours before you need them to minimize melting.

Watermelon frozen cocktail

Frozen Wine Cocktail Recipes

If you are looking for easy frozen wine cocktail recipes, Here are a few suggestions.  If you prefer mocktails with no alcohol, you can replace the wine with juice, coconut water, etc.

Have any other tips on how to make frozen wine cocktails or are you still drinking arbor mist?


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