Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe

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I live in the south and it’s already close to 90 degrees some days.  I pull out my summer clothes around mid-March and they stay in my closet all the way through early November.  Since I spend so much time in summer clothes, I don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for something that is high quality.  Of course, pants and a shirt are only the basics when it comes to your wardrobe.  While I don’t spend a ton of money on hundreds of extras, there are a few basic summer fashion accessories that I try to include in my summer wardrobe.  What sort of summer fashion and accessory items are on my must have list?  I will include a few of my favorite summer accessories and links for shopping in the post below.

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Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe

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Must have Summer Fashion Accessories

Ah, summer…a time when we have dress up for work but really want to dress down for the next BBQ party at the neighbors.  Whether you are putting together an outfit for a business meeting or the pool, here are a few summer fashion accessories that will make or break your next outfit.  Many of them can be both casual or dressy, depending on the designer and/or style you choose to buy.

Summer Sandals and Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe

Flip Flops or Sandals:

I have several pairs of flip flops and sandals scattered all over the house.  Back patio for gardening, back door for trips to the mailbox, and upstairs and downstairs closets just because I hate not being able to find them when I am in a hurry!  I have casual flip flops for home and leather sandals that go perfectly with short summer dresses. Buy neutral colors like black, white, or brown so they go with many different types of outfits.  Check out my post on how to find the perfect sandals for shopping inspiration. And don’t forget to read up on a few summer foot care tips for healthy and happy feet this summer.

Four-Pack of Basic Spaghetti Strap Cami Cotton Tank Top (X-Large, Beige/Baby Pink/Heather Gray/Red)RouA 205S-7 Basic Long Tank Top B,W,Or,Lm (L)NOLABEL Multi Color 5 Pack Women's Basic Active Long Length Adjustable Spaghetti strap Cami Tank Top Small


Long Tank Tops or Lace Camisoles:

These are an absolute summer fashion must have!  I like the layered tank top look and the lace at the bottom of the camisole gives your outfit a little bit of flair.  I like to find tanks tops with a built in bra whenever possible so I can skip the actual bra.  Hey, God didn’t bless me with much in the way of a figure and if I can skip the bra, I am more than happy to do it!  Tank tops are also great if you are prone to menopausal hot flashes….just strip off the outer layer and leave the tank top on by itself until you cool off.

Best sunglasses and Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe


I need to invest in a second pair because they always seem to be where I am NOT.  If I’m in the car, I left them in the house.  If I go to the pool, they never seem to be in the pool bag!  I try and get sunglasses that do a good job of blocking UVA/UVB rays but that aren’t horribly expensive.  Don’t want to spend my entire summer fashion budget on one item! What should you look for in your sunglasses?  Here are a few key things to remember:

  • Darker lenses don’t protect better
  • Polarized lenses cut glare, not UV exposure
  • Cost shouldn’t be a HUGE factor. Don’t spend a fortune but cheap sunglasses are cheap for a reason.
  • Consider buying oversized glasses with large lenses for full eye protection coverage

Wrapables Luxurious 100% Charmeuse Silk Long Scarf with Hand Rolled Edges, Cherry BlossomsHerebuy - Unique Women's Floral Scarves: Chiffon Flowers & Birds Printed Scarf (Light Blue+Pale Green)V28® Womens Multi Radient Colors 100% Pure Silk Scarf (41 x 69 inches, Blue)

An Assortment of Scarves:

Scarves can turn a bland outfit into a beautiful summer fashion success.  Maybe you want bold summer prints to liven up a simple short sleeved top.  Or, choose the elegance and simplicity of solid colors…maybe dark colors?  Or maybe cool summer pastels!  Scarves are an inexpensive way to extend the life of your summer wardrobe. Buy a few simple summer tops and then change up the look with a collection of summer scarves.

Sundresses and Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe

Lightweight Sundresses:

In the heat of summer, sundresses are a great way to stay cool.  Especially for us near menopausal women suffering from internal temperature fluctuations!  Invest in a few floral sundresses in varying lengths and stay cool this summer.  You can find many lengths and materials available, depending on whether you want them for the beach or the office.

ShenPourtor Women Stylish Numerals Faux Leather Analog Quartz Wrist Watch (Sky Blue)BlueTop Women Infinite Navy Nautical Rudder Anchor Braided Weave Leather Rope Leisure Bracelet Best Valentines GiftNapier Silver-Tone and Yellow Double Drop Clip-On Earrings


Bold, Colorful Jewelry:

Jewelry is another great way to dress up a simple summer outfit.  You can add bright beach themed necklaces and large pastel earrings to give your outfit a summer feel to it.  A simple blue shirt turns nautical themed with just a few simple pieces of summer jewelry!

 Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories for a Bold and Beautiful Wardrobe

Large Beach Bag or Roomy Purse:

As far as summer fashion accessories go, this one is an absolute necessity.  It doesn’t just go to the beach, either.  The giant bag goes to the pool, on car trips, and anywhere I am going to be for an extended length of time.  Find a large, roomy bag with a zipper and long shoulder strap.  No matter where you are going, throw your stuff into the bag and away you go.  Easy to fill and easy to carry.  Whether I am alone or with the teens,  a bag like this is great for snacks, sunscreen, books, water bottles and everything else we need for a day out of the house.

A Large Floppy Hat:

A floppy summer hat is a great way to protect your face from sunburn.  You can wear it to the beach, the pool, the farmer’s market or just out and about running errands. Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen but definitely grab a wide brimmed hat on the way out the door, too!

I love having a nice selection of summer fashion accessories to choose from when planning an outfit.  I tend to invest in simple clothing items and then dress them up with accessories to create a unique look without spending a fortune.  Accessorizing a simple wardrobe can be fun and really make you stand out from the crowd!

So, what is on YOUR list of must have summer fashion accessories? 


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  1. These are all absolute summer must haves! I think I have almost all of these items checked off my shopping list, although I could use another summery scarf. Time to go shopping!
  2. With a pending move to a place with a lot of sun, I need a good floppy hat and sunglasses. That's one thing that's spoiled me by living in Alaska... no super hot days for weeks on end.
  3. I would love to have a large beach bag or purse for the summer. I love to have ones that will handle all my stuff. I don't like small purses at all.

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