How to Choose Comfortable Summer Sandals for Work or Play!

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The weather is warming up here in Georgia and I have finally tossed aside the sweaters and hoodies.  In their place come t-shirts, capris, and the occasional casual dress depending on where I might be headed.  Comfortable summer sandals are a must have item here in the south and I like options that go from work to play easily. I will be wearing summer footwear all the way through October so they get a LOT of wear to them.  Summer sandals for woman aren’t always known for their comfort.  Shoes with 3-inch heels and tiny straps and shiny bling will never enter my closet.  I am far too practical for shoes like that!  I have things to do and places to go and I won’t be doing that with uncomfortable shoes!

Choosing the best Comfortable Summer Sandals

What feeds your soul?  What makes you jump out of bed and look forward to the day?  Spending time with family is what truly feeds my soul.  Since we are an active family, that usually means heading out of the house to hike, grab a movie, hit the ice cream shop or browse around at the bookstore.  Life is busy but making time for family is incredibly important. I spend a lot of time  grocery shopping and running errands but those things don’t feed my soul like my kids and husband do.

How will YOU be feeding your soul this summer?  Make sure you do it in style and comfort! If you are looking for comfortable summer sandals to go from work to play during the warm weather, check out Rocky 4EurSole and keep these 5 characteristics in mind during your search:

How to Choose The Best Comfortable Summer Sandals

How to Choose Comfortable Summer Sandals

Keep your activity level in mind:  There are some amazing hiking sandals on the market nowadays.  There are also some really adorable and comfy clogs.  You wouldn’t wear clogs when you head out hiking, however!  Knowing the activity you are shopping for will make sure your comfortable summer sandals are just right for YOU.  Sometimes just buying a closed toe sandal versus an open toed sandal helps make them more comfortable.

Make sure it fits:  Nothing makes a summer sandal more uncomfortable than the wrong fit.  Your foot should not hang over the front or back of the sandal.  Make sure the front of the sandal is wide enough for your toes and the ball of your foot to fit in comfortably.  If the sandals are too big, your foot will slide around and you may end up with blisters.

Comfortable Summer Sandals

Watch the placement of straps:  I am very particular about strap placement when looking for comfortable summer sandals. I really don’t like straps at the back of my heel. When shopping on Rocky 4EurSole I chose a women’s sandal without a classic back strap.  It has an ankle strap instead, which I find much more comfortable.  The fitted toe strap prevents the shoe from slipping too much while I walk.

Make sure your sandal has arch support!  I cannot stress how important it is to buy sandals with arch support!  You will be able to move, move, move all day long if your foot is getting the proper arch support. The Rocky 4EurSole Bountiful Women’s Sandal that I chose has a cork footbed that is contoured for support and stability. It is topped with memory foam to make this an extremely comfortable sandal. It also has an arch stability disk for another level of support and comfort.  When searching for comfortable summer sandals, do NOT choose cheap ones without arch support.  You will regret it after a few hours of wearing them.

Choose the right materials:  If you are heading to the beach or pool, a plastic, vinyl or other ‘water resistant’ material is a good choice.  If you are heading around town, however, those materials do not allow your foot to ‘breathe’ and your feet will end up sweaty and slippery.   A leather lining in the Rocky 4EurSole Bountiful Women’s Sandal provides an elegant look and feel to this shoe. Your foot is less likely to sweat against leather versus synthetic materials. It also has a recycled 4-Way Stop outsole that maintains slip resistance on dry, wet and slick surfaces. So, you get comfortable, cool feet without fear of slipping on damp surfaces!

Best Comfortable Summer Sandals for Women

I really love the sandals I was sent to try out and they go from work to play quite easily.  Casual enough for work or a day at home in capris and a blouse or you could wear them with a casual dress for happy hour.  They are the perfect balance between fashion and comfort, providing a wonderful fit while looking great at the same time. The Rocky 4EurSole® Bountiful Women’s Sandal is versatile enough to wear with many other colors thanks to the light sand leather. I am not one of those people who has a shoe for every outfit so I want neutral tones that match my whole closet.

Comfort is my number one priority when choosing a summer sandal and my Rocky 4EurSole sandals were definitely easy on my feet.  The fact that they looked awesome while keeping me comfortable is a huge bonus!  If you are looking for comfortable summer sandals that will take you from work to play, I definitely recommend that you check them out!

Remember to feed your soul this summer and spend time with friends and family!  

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  1. I really like the ankle strap. I always look for that feature when I shop for new sandals.They are so much more comfortable.

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