Oral Care for Teen Braces Needs a Waterpik!

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This post about oral care for teens in braces  was written by me on behalf of Waterpik.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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Many years ago I started my 2 kids on the path to straighter teeth and began visiting the orthodontist with them on a regular basis.  First one child, then the other….and soon the first child shall start on round two.  Let’s just say that I was several thousand dollars richer before this whole process began.  In fact, by the time both of my kids have gone through several years of orthodontic treatment, I will have spent so much money I could have bought myself a small car instead of two mouths full of metal.  But, you can’t put a price on shiny, healthy, straight teeth right?   If you COULD, the price tag for good oral care would be staggering!  Clearly I chose the wrong field of study in college.

Oral Care for Teen Braces

waterpik for kids oral care

Getting those teeth straight is costing a fortune and I do NOT want those braces to come off only to be told by the dentist that they have a mouth full of cavities.  Keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy when you have braces is not easy.  Oral care becomes something your kids have to work hard at and honestly, my kids are a tad bit lazy about this at times.  I keep nagging them about proper oral care technique but honestly all they hear is “BLAH BLAH BLAH…”.  In one ear and out the other.  Those of you with teenagers will understand what I mean.  Unless there is food, money or video games involved, I don’t get a whole lot of attention these days.  But, put a new toy in the bathroom….one that squirts water….and suddenly they are all interested in trying it out.  But I didn’t tell them to.  Nope, just leave it there and see what happens!  Sometimes, being sneaky works better than nagging.

oral care for kids

So, why does your teen need a Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser for proper oral care?  Here are just a few reasons I found it helpful to have it in their bathroom:

  1.  As mentioned above, if I am shelling out thousands of dollars for straight teeth I don’t want them filled with cavities.  According to Waterpik, It is clinically proven up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss and proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in 3 seconds.  More effective at cleaning means less cavities when the braces finally come off.
  2. No more random floss strings that happen to miss the trash.  Or loose floss threaders on the carpet.  Or spending a small fortune on floss every month.  Floss is not cheap and with kids in braces for a grand total of 4 years already (and a few more to go!) I am happy to never see another string of floss again!
  3. No more nagging.  Honestly, my kids hate flossing their teeth.  However, squirting their mouths full of water seems to somehow be way more enjoyable.  Works for me.  Less nagging, healthier teeth!  Win, win situation there!
  4. No more worry over dentist visits.  My daughter has inherited my tartar issues.  My dentist once told me it had something to do with the pH of my saliva.  Who knows why we have such tartar problems but even with brushing and flossing, my daughter hates the dentist because they have to scrape it all off her teeth.  Waterpik is clinically proven to be more effective than traditional dental floss and tooth brushing for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease. Which will hopefully translate into less tartar scraping at the dentist!

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So, what did we think of the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser we were sent? I love the compact size because teenagers seem to take an awful lot of space in bathrooms.  Acne wash, hair straighteners, baskets full of hair products, and all of their other assorted stuff is covering our counter.  The Waterpik fits into a corner with very little trouble.  The wide selection of attachments (7 in total) will get stored neatly in a drawer so they don’t accidentally get lost.  You can choose from ‘floss’ or ‘massage’ mode depending on your needs and you can also adjust how powerful the water spray is. There is an On/Off water control switch on the handle for greater ease of use as well.  Overall, it is easy to use, compact, and effective in keeping teeth and gums healthy.  Definitely a must for any teen with braces if you are concerned about their oral care habits!

How do YOU get your kids to keep their teeth clean?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.



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  1. I have to haunt my oldest. I had braces for years and wish I'd had something like this back then.
  2. My daughter wears Invisalign aligners but it's probably even MORE important for her to floss and take great care of her teeth since they're inside the aligners all day. We got one of these too and the whole family loves it!
  3. I love my WaterPik! And agree, it is super helpful for those with braces; I wish I had one way back then.
  4. I have seen several teenage kids with braces who NEED this. Ugh, nothing is more disgusting that seeing food particles in braces. Can I hand out product info to their parents. :)
    • braces are definitely a pain to deal with! I wonder if they could make a portable one so take to school with them?
  5. MyKidsGuide says
    I don't wear braces, but I do love Waterpik! It's a great tool for really getting between teeth. I'll pass this on though to friends who have kids with braces!

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